Knitting Ideas For The Home

hi, guys and welcome to studio knit. today, we are going to knit a soccer ball!goal!!! it is a fun toy for children, or even dogs! i just noticed that the leading knitting websiteravelry is featuring my colorful soccer ball on their home page and blog and it is gettinga lot of love. so, i thought it would be fun to share my process of knitting this plushtoy with you. the materials we will use are:10 grams of yarn, in any colors of your choice 2 size 6 us knitting needlesscissors, a tapestry needle and about 8 ounces of fluffy stuffing!

we will first create twenty individual hexagonknit shapes. mine are white. and twelve pentagons, which i made in variousvibrant colors. this project really familiarizes you withhow a soccer ball is constructed. i never realized it is composed of both hexagons andpentagons. oh, and if you are enjoying learning how toknit a soccer ball, please hit like. let me know you would enjoy seeing more fun ideaslike this! i learned how to make this knit soccer ballfrom the great free pattern at yanaknits. i have the link to the complete pattern inthe description below, including how to make the hexagon and pentagon shapes.

i have created this graphic to help you seehow to knit your shapes together. i�ll include a link to download this graphic in the descriptionbelow, too. once all your knit shapes are ready, startknitting them together, following the chart. this ball is, of course, in 3-d, so the shapeswill connect together in a really cool way. notice how you always have your pentagon encircledwith five hexagons? keeping that in mind will help you as you get closer to wrapping thepiece around to connect all of the sides together. oh, if you would like to add a shaker, getcreative! i took a plastic easter egg, filled it with dried brown rice, and taped it securelyshut. once we have knitted up all but the opening,it is time for the stuffing! i�m placing

my shaker into the middle of my soccer ball. awesome, you have learned how to knit a soccerball! i really hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. and let�s be friends on ravelry.i�ll include the link to my username below. and thank you so much for watching studioknit! when you subscribe, you will receive a new knitting lesson every monday. and check out my other videos like the worldcup�s #proudtoplay and how to knit a sports headband. sporty fun for everyone! goal! bye.

Knitting Ideas For Summer

hi, guys, and welcome to studio knit. it is may 2014 so happy springtime. i hopeeverything is beautiful in wherever you are watching this video from. so, i just saw that i hit my personal goalof one thousand subscribers this morning. i’m so excited. so before i start my day,i decided i would like to create a new video and announce a new giveaway. this time, it is the mother bear project.this is my first creation that i did with the mother bear project. the giveaway is going to be a whole kit thatthey give you. you knit from their yarn, their

needles, their pattern. you can customizeit however you would like. then you give it back to them and they give it to a deservingchild. most of the children who receive mother bearproject bears are from africa and are most of them are orphans. so, it is a really specialcharity. this is something that i learned about wheni went to stitches west a couple of months ago. it is just really special. here is the first bear that i made. this iswith their yarn. this is the second one that i made. she has this cute little skirt. i have a third bear in the works. what i didwas ask my niece deliliah to color a picture

of a teddy bear so that she could be my teddybear fashion designer. she came up with some really cool colors. i am finishing that upright now. when i announce the winner of the mother bear project package, i will revealthat teddy bear then as well. i love the mother bear project. definitelycheck them out. this is also not only as a thank you. it is a giveaway that is perfectfor mothers day, which is coming up shortly. all you have to do to enter is to write below,a comment below. the winner will be announced saturday, may 10, 2014. than you so much for watching. please subscribeand receive a new knitting lesson tutorial every monday. and check out my new boho-chicfriendship bracelet. really fun and cute to

make. and make sure to leave a comment belowto participate in this giveaway, which ends may 10, 2014. bye.

Knitting Ideas For Spring

hi, i'm allison from imagiknit in san francisco.i wanted to tell you a little bit about getting free patterns for knitting or crocheting projects.for example at my shop, i give up all the patterns that write free with the purchaseof the yarn, so your local yarn store often times will have free patterns that they havedesigned or that are free from the distributor with the purchase of the yarn. you can alsofind quite a few free patterns on the internet on blogs, have been very popular these days,so there are many knitting patterns there. and also the yarn companies and yarn distributorsoften times will have many many free patterns that will compliment their yarns that theyproduce.

Knitting Ideas For Newborns

how to knit a strawberry baby hat part 4. hi, guys, i’m kristen and welcome to studioknit! it’s day four of five learning to knit upthese super cute strawberry baby hats! today are going to decrease the crown of oursuper cute strawberry hat. if you haven’t already, please make sureto check out parts one two and three to learn how to knit up to this point. links to thecomplete playlist for all five of my lessons are in the description below. these decreases are so totally simple andmake this really cool swirly indented strawberry topper look that i just adore!

so, for the first row, we will switch to ourdouble pointed needles. and remember on this row, we are still knitting in multiples ofeight. the first two stitches are knit two together. and stitches three through eightare simply knitting, and we repeat that pattern all the way around our row. we're going todivide our stitches on each of our three needles in the round. since i cast on 6 multiplesof 8, i'm going to have 2 multiples on each needle. once i’m finished with this firstdecrease row, that means i have multiples of seven, so i have 14 stitches on each ofmy three needles. with our second row, we are knitting in multiplesof seven, and again we knit two together, then stitches three through seven are knitted,repeating the pattern until the end our row.

we continue decreasing our rows in all theway down until we have knit the last two together. because i cast on 48 stitches, which is 6multiples of 8, i have six stitches remaining. i love the dimensional look of the strawberryhat topper. there are these great ridges and depth. looks like it was way more complicatedto knit than it is! always a plus. now we are ready to begin finishing up withour cute little stem, put on a leaf embellishment, and weaving in our yarn ends, and we are goingto learn how to do all of that in part five of my series. i hope you are inspired to knit up these adorablestrawberry baby hats. to learn how to knit these from start to finish, including a writtenpattern and tutorials on all the knitting

techniques we're using, please go check outthe links and my complete playlist in the description below. and thank you so much for watching studioknit. if you enjoyed this video and would like to see more, please make sure to subscribe,like, and share my videos with your friends!!! oh, and i sell my hand-knitted strawberryhats in my etsy store, too, so check those out! see you in part five. bye!

Knitting Ideas For Mother'S Day

a knitted lavender heart sachet [l.o.v.e.l.o.v.e.] hi, guys i’m kristen and welcome to studio knit. i love the sweet, naturalsmell of lavender. research shows the scent lowers heart rate and blood pressure, putting you in a relaxed state. what i love about these knitted lavender heart sachets is thatthe yarn is woven tightly enough to keep your loose lavender inside, but it's porous enough to let all the delicious lavender scent release. i became totally inspired by sarah’s threelavender diys of coral tv from our recent kin community new year new you collaboration. i also love tessa evelegh’s book lavender, as well. it's full of practical inspirationsfor natural gifts, recipes and decorative displays. i’m including the link to bothcoral tvs lavender video and tessa evelegh’s

book in the description below. so from sarah's tutorial, i lit my newly created diy lavender candle and set out to create my very own lavender sachet. a knitted version, of course. and this heart shape is totally perfect for valentine’sday and all year round as a gift to anyone you love! especially yourself!the materials we will use are: worsted or aran weighted yarn, in any colors of yourchoice, size 7 or 8 us knitting needles, a tapestry needle, scissors. oh, and lavender.i found my dried lavender at my local craft store. and for this project, i have designeda really simple knitted puffy heart shape. the links to my free pattern and completeknitting video tutorial for my knitted hearts are in the description below. so, once youhave knitted up your two heart shapes, to

make up the front and back of your sachet,simply tack them together using yarn and your tapestry needle with the right side of yourpieces facing together. turn them inside out. and what i love is that all of our littleyarn ends will be able to just stuff right into our sachet for extra stuffing. and thenadd your loose lavender, and then close up your little hold by finishing the seam. it’sso pretty, smells great, relaxing, and full of love. your friends, family, and loved oneswill cherish this thoughtful handmade gift made especially by you! i hope you give thisfun quick knit project a try. and thank you so much for watching studio knit. when yousubscribe, you will receive a new knitting video every monday. make sure to check outall of my favorite valentine’s day projects

and more inspirational ideas from my talentedkin community friends over at coral tv. happy valentine’s day. bye!

Knitting Ideas For Home

hey everyone, welcome to gogocraft. in this workshop, i'm going to teach you how to make one of these really cool finger knitted chains. this workshop is super easy. it's great for kids and adults of all ages. and you can learn to make these really cool knitted chains that you can turn into a bracelet, a belt, a necklace, just like this. all you need is some yarn and your hands.

Knitting Ideas For Him

how to make a rose from a necktie.[you mean everything to me] hi, guys, i’m kristen and welcome to studioknit! father’s day is upon us, and i thought it would be really fun to create a twist onthe traditional necktie gift. let’s recycle old neckties from our dad or our local second–handstore and make them into these gorgeous diy fabric flowers. the materials we will use are neckties inany fabric and your color choice is totally optional, a glue gun, measuring tape, andscissors. oh, if you think this would be a fun diy projectto try, please hit like to let me know you would like to see more projects like this!

to begin, first cut off the label. with thebackside of our tie facing us, we start with the narrow tail end of the tie and measure10 inches. i’m marking it off here with a tapestry needle. we just start rolling itup tightly to create the middle of our rose, dabbing a bit of hot glue as we go along.once we reach our marker of ten inches, it is time to start making our rose petals. simplytwist your tie counter-clockwise and secure with hot glue as you go along. you’ll seethat by twisting our tie, the rose petals are formed creating little points along theway. continue rolling up and securing with glue. nearing the end, i like to make useof the decorative tipping area of our tie, which is usually a different pattern or color,to create our roses’ leaf. simply place

along the backside of our rose, glue it downso it is peeking out, and you are done. [who knew we would come so far] thank you so much for watching studio knit!please subscribe and check out my complete father’s day diy gift idea playlist, includinghow to knit a necktie and coming soon, how to bake bacon roses! happy father’s day,everyone! bye! [you are everything i need]

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