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the perfect knitted bow. hi, guys, and welcome to studio knit. today we are going to learn how to knit myfavorite knitted bow. it's a great little embellishment i have tried knitting other bows, but thegarter stitch and stockinette stitches just seemed to wilt. knitting this bow in the seedstitch gives it character and material strength. while finishing my pom pom beanie, i thoughtadding a red bow might be a cute accessory. and it totally is adorable! i first learned how to knit this bow fromthe great pattern by buttons and pickles.

links to the pattern and all additional information,including how-to video knitting tutorials, are linked in the description below. oh, and if you think this easy seed stitchbow looks like a lot of fun to wear, please hit like to let me know you would like tosee more videos like this. so, let us get started. the materials we will use are any yarn ofyour choice. 2 straight knitting needles in the appropriate size for your yarn, scissorsand a tapestry needle. to make this large sized bow, we will firstcast on 15 stitches using the long-tail cast on method. i am using worsted weighted yarnand number seven

knitting needles. since we have cast-on an odd number of stitches,our seed stitch will be super easy. all we do is knit one and purl one. that's k1 p1on every single row for thirty rows. so easy! here we are half way through, having knitfifteen rows. the seed stitch is so pretty and by pinching it in the middle, we can seehow our bow is shaping up! once you have knitted all your rows, it istime to bind off. then, cut your yarn with your scissors andthread your tapestry needle. folding your bow into fourths like so, just tack the middleof your bow, then wrap yarn around it to complete it. you are done! so cute and easy!

looks adorable. you have just learned howto knit a bow in seed stitch. i hope you are inspired to give this quick knit project atry. and thank you so much for watching studioknit. when you subscribe, you will receive a new knitting lesson every monday. checkout my popular video on how to knit a heart and a pom pom hat like beyonce. also, checkout my latest knitting vlog to get to know me, kristen, behind the scenes! bye!

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[music] hi. this is june from planetjune and todayi'm going to show you how to start and end your threads when you'reembroidering, or attaching embellishments to an amigurumi. i'm going to demonstrate by making a simplenose like this for a sweet bunny rabbit. so here's my noseless bunny. i'm using a yarn needle here, just to makeit easier for you to see, but you should use the right size of needlefor the thread that you're using. so to begin this nose i'm going to start byinserting the needle

into a gap between stitches some distanceaway from where i actually want the nose to be. and bring the needle up at the starting pointfor the embroidery. now pull it through and leave a long tail;a few inches long. now to begin the embroidery... now i'm just going to complete the embroidery,and i'll be back with you in a minute. so now we've got one more stitch left to go,i'll insert the needle, and i'll bring it out at the same hole betweenstitches where i inserted the starting thread.

so here we have both thread ends coming outfrom the side of the rabbit. if this is just going to be an ornament, youcan leave it like this; just pull them slightly taut and snip offthe ends very close to the body. the ends will retract back inside the bodyafter snipping them, so they won't show. but, if you're stitching on a bead or a button, or it's going to be a toy that'll be playedwith, it's better to have more security, so we'llknot these ends together with a basic square knot. pull the ends taut so that it's flush to thesurface,

but don't pull too tight, because you don'twant to distort the stitches you've made. and here's the completed knot at the surfaceof the rabbit. now, we're going to thread both of these endsback onto the needle, then insert the needle into the same holewhere both ends emerge, and bring it out at some completely differentpoint on the body, as far away as possible. pull that through, and, if you look at whathappens, the knot will disappear inside, so you canbarely see it. so now, where the ends emerge, pull them niceand tight,

snip them off, and the ends retract back insidethe body so you can't see them. now let's have another look at where thatknot was... you can't actually see it, but sometimes it'sstill just visible under the surface, and if it is, what you can do is insert the needlea few stitches away, and wiggle the stuffing around with the tip of the needle. by doingthat you can pull the knot further inside the stuffing so it doesn't show any more. and that's how you can securely attach embellishmentsor embroider features onto your amigurumi.

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hi, guys and welcome to studio knit. today, we are going to knit a soccer ball!goal!!! it is a fun toy for children, or even dogs! i just noticed that the leading knitting websiteravelry is featuring my colorful soccer ball on their home page and blog and it is gettinga lot of love. so, i thought it would be fun to share my process of knitting this plushtoy with you. the materials we will use are:10 grams of yarn, in any colors of your choice 2 size 6 us knitting needlesscissors, a tapestry needle and about 8 ounces of fluffy stuffing!

we will first create twenty individual hexagonknit shapes. mine are white. and twelve pentagons, which i made in variousvibrant colors. this project really familiarizes you withhow a soccer ball is constructed. i never realized it is composed of both hexagons andpentagons. oh, and if you are enjoying learning how toknit a soccer ball, please hit like. let me know you would enjoy seeing more fun ideaslike this! i learned how to make this knit soccer ballfrom the great free pattern at yanaknits. i have the link to the complete pattern inthe description below, including how to make the hexagon and pentagon shapes.

i have created this graphic to help you seehow to knit your shapes together. i�ll include a link to download this graphic in the descriptionbelow, too. once all your knit shapes are ready, startknitting them together, following the chart. this ball is, of course, in 3-d, so the shapeswill connect together in a really cool way. notice how you always have your pentagon encircledwith five hexagons? keeping that in mind will help you as you get closer to wrapping thepiece around to connect all of the sides together. oh, if you would like to add a shaker, getcreative! i took a plastic easter egg, filled it with dried brown rice, and taped it securelyshut. once we have knitted up all but the opening,it is time for the stuffing! i�m placing

my shaker into the middle of my soccer ball. awesome, you have learned how to knit a soccerball! i really hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. and let�s be friends on ravelry.i�ll include the link to my username below. and thank you so much for watching studioknit! when you subscribe, you will receive a new knitting lesson every monday. and check out my other videos like the worldcup�s #proudtoplay and how to knit a sports headband. sporty fun for everyone! goal! bye.

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hey everyone its dominique from bloggingin my undies and here's another quick gift idea it takes maybe all of five minutesto do i'm rather lazy person when it comes to sewing so i didn't trim theedges of the fabric i didn't pin it what i did was i by half a metre of thiskind of jersey knit lightweight fabric and i'm going to make infinity scarf sowhat i did was i folded the fabric lengthwise with right sides togethermeaning this star print it was not showing so it would have been like thisbut then outside so then what you would have seen ya so what you would have seenis something like this if the right sides together so then i saw along thelength of the fabric and then i got the

ends together i saw those close togetherand i just left enough of an opening so i could turn the fabric right side outso that way it looks like this and my son's not wearing it this way you knowi'm just going to so this closed as neatly as i can and like i said im quitelazy when it comes to solving its i don't trim fabric we measure unlessnecessary i rarely so to begin with and i also dont in fabric like i shouldbut anyway i think i did an ok job it's not perfectly lined up but because it'san infinity scarf it will wrap around the a man's neck couple times and ithought this would be a great way to bust my stash fabric stash so i can makesome of these r the kids that were going

to be visiting for a christmas androbert is coming up because i have a lot of this really stretch fabric is verydurable it's quite fun and there's so many different prints you can get yourlocal fabric store and let's pretend this is closed up this is what it wasjust here twisted once put it around a tallershorter yeah it's that's pretty much it so that's your very very basic andsuper-fast infinity scarf tutorial thanks so much for watching today! bye

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how to make delicious bacon roses! hi, guys, i’m kristen and welcome to studioknit! for a fun little bonus video, i thought iwould show you how i perfected the really clever bacon roses seen on pinterest witha couple extra special touches i devised. with father’s day upon us, i guarantee youthis is a sure-fired hit with the men in your life. the ingredients is bacon and brown sugar.i am using 40% less fat bacon. i wanted to make sure the bacon was fatty enough for theswirl of color, but keep it as healthy as possible. then we also use wood skewers andtoothpicks.

set your oven to 375 degrees fahrenheit. begin by threading your bacon though yourskewer on one end, then roll up tightly about one-third of the way of your bacon strip. now, here’s my special twist to really helpour bacon roses look like roses. we simply twist our bacon strip counter-clockwise. you’llsee that by twisting our bacon, the rose petals are formed creating little points. then secure with a tooth pick or two on thebottom of your rose. continue rolling the rest of your bacon roses, then place themin a muffin tin. this is my favorite way to bake them. your rose buds remain standingupward and they enjoy baking in their own

yummy juices. oh, one more special ingredientis to sprinkle them with a pinch of brown sugar. the sugar crystalizes and melts intoyour bacon. this makes them extra delicious and sweet, just like a rose! then bake for20 minutes! oh, i made bacon roses this past valentine’sday for my boyfriend and look… now we are engaged! i’m telling you, bacon roses aremagical! so, once they have cooled, place them on yourskewers and create your bouquet. i like using mason and milk jars as my vases. i hope you enjoyed my first little cookingvideo and are inspired to whip up some bacon roses yourself.

thank you so much for watching studio knit!please subscribe and check out my complete father’s day diy gift idea playlist. hereare two necktie ideas. how to knit a necktie and how to make a decorative rose from a necktie!bye!