Knitting Ideas For Valentines

welcome back to the crochet crowd here on the youtube channel. hey it's the end of knitting here of the crochet crowd. it doesn't mean i've quit knitting, it just means that we're going to go somewhere new instead of putting crochet and knit on the same channels, we now have two. we have the knit crowd and it's available on youtube right next door. there's a hotlink right next door that will take you to it and i'll be seeing you over there as we continue our journey for knitting.

instead of putting both crochet and knitting onto the same channel where it's harder for both knitters and crocheters to find we've got a dedicated channel just for knitters. so you can enjoy the process. now i've already told you i don't know how to knit, i'm working my way through the skills as i learn the process of knitting. so as i learn, you can too. come join me in the experience of learning how to knit i'm going to show you my skills, and you know what? i may goof up along the way! but that's ok. that's what learning is all about.

if you're never learning anything new, life gets a little bit boring. so this is it for knitting on the youtube crochet crowd channel, so come join us over at the knit crowd and i'll see you over there. and we'll continue our journey on learning to knit. see you there, and remember there's a link right there. see you there! give it lots of love, make sure you subscribe, and make sure you tell your friends you're starting to learn to knit and where you're finding those videos. til next time, mikey, on behalf of the crochet crowd as well as the brand-new knit crowd we'll see you real soon, bye-bye!