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Free Knitting Pattern Xmas

music plays and welcome back to redheart.com as well as the crochet crowd. i'm your host mikey. and in todays tutorial we're gonna explore the dusty snowflake afghan. let's go down to the studio, and i'll show you how to crochet up this fabulous afghan in just a snap. here's a closer up version of one of the motifs we will be working with today. we got two. we're going to be doing this one

and we're going to be doing a little center square. now the advantage to this particular afghan is that there is no sewing required at the end. so basically you are going to start off and you are going to do all the large motifs the first one is going to be by itself and i'm going to be showing you how to do that. and then once you get the first one done you're gonna start attaching on the final

revolution to it's neighbor. and so essentially you get more and more neighbors you just gotta be keeping an eye on where they attach. and then essentially we just come back and just do 3 rounds of the interior of the square and then we just attach it at the certain points as well. this afghan is really simple. here is the back version of it what it looks like in the back.

so you can see it's a lot different on the back. so this is really easy so i'm gonna have some tips for you and i'm gonna tell you that in just a moment (silence) to speed you up in this process you need to do so many motifs in order to make this work. now, what i would strongly recommend

to you is that you do all of the interior just like so with these chains first. do all of them so essentially you don't have to fuddle around with the yarn change and the yarns every back and forth, just do them all at one time. it's just really easy. then come back and do all of the next blue section on all of them.

and then come back and do the white and then the final two layer of the blue. it is so much easier if you go into an assembly kind of idea. because it's easier to remember the pattern and again i would recommend you doing the squares at the end. i would recommend that you can do all of the white by itself for all of them

just come back and do the blue. and this also makes it easier to remember the pattern. the final tip today is 3 years ago i couldn't understand this pattern. but i think over the years i've developed an idea and an eye for reading patterns. i started last night and i realized that it's actually very simple once i got it.

so i think, it's just over time being able to understand what patterns are asking for. what you're seeing here in the chains, that's an overlay and essentially when we are going around you're gonna see these and you're going to think, what is going on and what's essentially happening is that you're starting the white and your creating the chain, then you're starting the next

layers with these just loosely hanging, and by the time we get back to the white that's when we steal the deal. so it pulls it up so it's in position. so it's kind of an optical illusion at the same time. so without further ado, let's grab our yarn it does ask for a size 5.5mm crochet hook size 'i' and then it does use super saver. now daniel prefers that the yarn was

variegated around the snow flake as per the afghan in the pattern. i did mine solid, so you can decide what works for you. i'd really like to see the snowflake on a red background. i think that would be really christmassy.as well and we're just gonna grab our yarn. my snowflake will be white you can make your snowflake any color,

but this is the actual snowflake, snowflake itself that we're gonna start off with so make sure it's the color of the snowflake that you would like, you can make mixed colors too if you wish. so lets begin, remember this slip knot never counts as one. and we want to chain 5, (mikey counts) 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. let's form a ring by inserting the hook

into the beginning chain pulling the yarn through and through. and that will be it. your first ring. (mikey shows ring) lets begin round number one. round number one we're immediately gonna start off with chain 3. (counts) 1, 2, and 3.

let's do 15 double crochets into the center of this ring so it goes around the ring. see what i just did with the straggler, i'm just pretending the straggler is part of that ring so it traps it into position. so here's the thing, crochet in the rules of crochet chaining of 3 counts as a double crochet so if you're chaining, if you're doing 15 double crochets all the way around

and the chaining of three counts as 1, that'll mean that you have 16 posts going all the way around. now you don't hear me chatting with you and telling you where i am right now. so what i want to do is i need to make sure there are 16 posts going around right now. or your afghan is not gonna work out. the square will be off. so just looking at

each post (counts) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, so i've got ten i'm gonna continue to count now. (counts) eleven twelve and thirteen (crochets) fourteen

fifteen and sixteen. so it is 16 with your chaining of 3 to count. and let's just join it. at the top of the chain 3 just like so. that will conclude round number 1. (mikey shows complete round) let's begin round number 2, round number two is about creating the spokeing

effect of the snowflake, so you're gonna think it's weird. stick with it, it won't be. so, we're gonna chain 1, and we're going to single crochet into where we joined. like this (demonstrates) and now lets create the spokes that appear in the snowflake, and how you do that is you chain seven (counts out 7) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

and simply come back down, skip the next double crochet and go to the second over for another single crochet. so that was one. now, here you go, if you had 16 going all the way around and you were jumping over like we are, that means that you will have 8 spokes altogether. so let's begin another one.

chain 7 (counts them out) (counting) (counting ) (countinues count) come back down skip the next one go to the second over, continue to do that all the way around when i come back. i'll have that done, and we'll just join it with a slip stitch and then carry on to round

number three. we're coming up to the end of round number 2, i still have to do one more spoke, but you wanna make sure you're counting these loops, (counts) one, two, three, four, five six and seven. and i have to have 8 and i still have more stitches to do. so in the final you're just

gonna chain your 7, (counts out 7) coming back in but we wanna join into where we started, in the beginning single crochet. we're going to fasten this off at this time and we do now have 7 of these gaps so to fasten off, we're just gonna snip our yarn, like so. (cuts yarn)

and i just wanna grab this strand and pull it through. all the way (mikey pulls end through) and what i wanna do is we want to weave this in and out of this chain going back up just beyond the top okay, so if you stretch this back out umm, like so you want it so it comes up and just

down a little bit. because when you go to go to fasten this off in a few more rounds. you're going to capture this all underneath the stitches. so then you will never see it. so just continue to go. just make sure you go over the top and then down a couple.

and it's always better to trim the yarn if you have more at that point. but just leave it just like so i'm gonna trim it off for tutorial reasons cuz i'm pretty confident with it. so let's move on to round number three. let's begin round number 3, and i'm just going to create a slip knot,

just like so. and begin now round number 3 for me was the determining point 3 years ago that made me not do this particular motif because i didn't understand so, essentially what you need to realize now, is that these spokes are no longer being used for the next 2 layers. so what i want you to do is pretend they

don't exist. but you need to look for the stitches that are directly in the middle where they're not used. so this stitch here (indicating stitch) has this spoke, this stitch here has this spoke, but we skipped over one and that is exactly where we're gonna play. so just take this piece now (showing) and just fold it up over top and we're

gonna concentrate right in the middle. let's just join on our yarn, at this point. i'm just going to join it. (showing join) using the straggler and the strand going to the yarn ball just pull through to join. (showing join) and now let's chain 3, use that straggler in amongst it

(mikey counting chains) so one, two and three. it's the best way to bury it so that you can trim that edge off later and not worry about it. let's do two more double crochets into the exact same stitch. (mikey continues) so it's right directly in the middle of that spoke. let's just immediately just jump over

to the next one, so just move the spoke forward, go right into the middle. the one that's not used and put 3 more double crochets. that's all you're gonna do on this round. so this was a deal breaker for me years ago, but today i understand the patterns a lot better. and that i can understand it, so once you

get your 3 in, bend the next one forward so you're bending it forward to get it out of your way. so you can concentrate. please do this for the continuation of round number 3, and when we come back we'll do the next one. we're going right to the very end and making sure that you get to the last middle one. of the last spoke, you're gonna have

8 sets of 3 stitches inside each. now it's not always easy to kinda see it from this prospective so just turn it around, and you'll be able to count your stitches. (mikey quickly counts) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 and once you get that done, just join it to the top of the beginning chain 3, to seal the deal. and we're not going to

worry about these spokes yet because those we are going to be pulling up, but we're not ready to do that, we have to do one more round of blue and that will be round number 4. to begin round number 4, we're immediately going to start chaining up 3. there's a pattern here so let me educate you on what that is, in the middle of the

sets of 3, you're always going to do the following: you're always going to double crochet to the middle, chain 1, and double crochet so you're doing like a 'v' stitch. right in the middle. the next one is the outside of the three, you're just gonna put a double crochet in there. you're immediately going to double crochet the very next one which is the

next group of 3, and look at that, you're right directly in the middle again, so if you're gonna follow my rule, and the rule is one double crochet, chain 1, one double crochet. always in the center of the 3 of the group of 3 okay so then, double crochet, and then double crochet, cuz you're in the next group of 3 but it's the outside, oop

there's the middle one again and that is the 'v' stitch again. so it's double crochet, chain 1, double crochet. please carry along all the way around the end and we are going to change the color back to white. when we come back. (mikey preparing to change color) i'm just gonna finish out this particular

so what i wanna tell you while i finish up is that you will have noticed because you have done that 'v' stitch right in the center of the 3, you've now started to create multiple sides that are happening. so you can see that kinda has formed a flat edge every time you've done that. you're gonna wanna pay attention to that because we're now going to start working

with that. so we're just gonna double crochet in your final, so you have a 'v' stitch in you final, then just join it. like so, at the top of the chain 3. we are done with this color blue for now. we are going to trim it at this point. (mikey cuts yarn) and just weave in the ends and begin with white, and we're gonna be working with

these pieces once again, as we assemble the white on next. (mikey finishes off blue) so we fastened off the blue, and now we're gonna start the white again, so this is gonna be really easy, so all you need to do is you're gonna look for the 'v' stitch where the chain 1 exists, it doesn't matter which one you choose as

long as you commit to one. and you're gonna go right into the space, but before you do, because you've gone up like this, you want to put that spoking area, that chain, through your hook and through that chain 1 space in behind. (mikey shows where hook should be) so let's just form a slip knot. (mikey makes slip knot)

(mikey puts slip knot on hook) and we're going to join that together. so just pull it through (pulling through) and just join it, like so, and what i want to do is at this time i don't wanna kinda use this area cuz we're gonna bury it. but we're just gonna chain 3, (counts) 1, 2, and 3. (finishes count and chain)

and let's go into that same space, going between this spoke here and that space in the back, and we're going to double crochet 4 times. we need to make sure we get that straggler in position so that we can bury it. (mikey counting) (mikey counts double crochets) (continues making double crochets)

this is three and four, (finishes count and dc) so you now have a chain 3 and you have 4 double crochets, so that means you now have a total of 5. now that you have that done, chain 1 first and now let's look back down to this row. so, let's just move this back down out of the way (moves white chain forward) so

you can see it. you will notice that you will have in between the 'v' stitches 4 posts. ok so it doesn't matter which side that you look at you'll always have 4. what you need to do at this point, after you do the chain 1, is that you go in the middle, just the middle gapping area between (looks at piece; has 4) see we have 4, just go right in the middle

of the group of 4 and just slip stitch. and then chain 1. (completes) so once you've chained 1, before you start this next 'v' with 5 double crochets there you have to move this spoke up (moves spoke up) so just push it up and just double crochet in between the spoking area, going right through the space on the

back one and just double crocheting as if they're one unit. and you will do that with a total of 5 double crochets. (mikey quietly counting) four (continues count) and five (finished counts) and after you get that done, chain 1 and again you're in the same situation

you have 4 posts here (shows where) as you can see, go right into the middle for a slip stitch. chain 1, so then okay and move the spoke up and go into that 'v' stitch in the back. (mikey moves spoke up) (shows going into back) and 5 double crochets.

continue to do that all the way around on this revolution. i'm just finishing up my last one here and if you ever wanted to do a pot holder you could always use cotton yarn and just stop here and you could have the most amazing pot holder. or hot pad as well. so we have our 5 in with chain 1,

we come back into the middle again of of the 4 posts that are left. for a slip stitch and then we chain 1 and then we slip stitch to the beginning top of the beginning chain 3 that we started with. (mikey continues round) we're going to fasten off this yarn now. we're done completely for the white,

for this particular motif. (mikey snips off yarn) and the next layers will all be blue. so just fasten off, we'll be back in just a moment. when we'll have the next round ready to go. let's begin with round number 6. and round number 6 is the second to last round, we're just gonna start off with

a slip knot. so this is an easy round, really it is you've just gotta remember it. so all you have to just do is look in the middle of the 5 and you're gonna go to a back loop only. so remember in the rules that both strings equal one stitch. the front string is the front loop, the back string is the back loop.

let's just join that to the back loop only. (mikey shows join to back loop) (continues to join) and we're just gonna chain 1, notice what i'm doing with the straggler because this is sitting in an area that if the straggler falls out you may see it, and then we're just going to single crochet into that same spot.

now, it's good to go! so what we need to do is that we are going to create new points that are going to exist in here. this motif never ends up being square at all. in an actual fact, there's 8 sides. it'll be like an octagon. at the end of it. so what you need to do at this point is

really simple. we are just going to start off with and we are just going to do trebles. so we wrap and wrap, and we go right into this blue area (mikey points out blue area) here, right over top of this white. so we wanna bury that white from showing. then that will make it look like all the

petals are sitting by themselves. we go right into that space and we are just going to do a treble. okay, so that was one. we then chain 1 and do another treble, so we wrap and wrap same space down. (mikey completes treble) now, here's the thing. there's always going to be 2 trebles on

one side of this and then there will be 2 trebles coming up over here. so in the middle we have to chain 2. one and two. and then we come back and we do another treble. (completes treble) and i will review this again so don't be panicking. we are going to chain 1 and then treble into that same space again.

(mikey continues with pattern) so all of that is in between the top piece of the snowflake. so we had one treble, chain 1, one treble chain 2, that's the middle, then we had a treble, chain 1, and then another treble. (mikey points out different stitches) what we have to do now is we

come back to the group of 5 here and just choose the middle one okay, and we're going to do a single crochet. (mikey continues in pattern) (mikey continuing) so do you see what just happened here? you've just buried that space of

this white, so therefore, it looks like it's sitting by itself. let's begin another one, and we're gonna do a treble. and we're gonna go into the next blue space that's right in between. just gonna reach over, just do one treble chain 1, another treble okay that's one half side of it, so that means that you have to do 2 chain

(continues with trebles) now and then a treble again (continues in pattern with treble) (treble) chain 1 and then the final treble in that same gapping area. just like that. and then once you got that done go to the next group of 5 middle one and we

are just going to the back loop only for a single crochet. please do that all the way around, you're going to notice that you're gonna start having peaks like this coming out. and that's exactly what you're looking for. when we get all the way back around, you can see how pretty it looks now. is that we are going to just join it with

the beginning single crochet. and this is going to be the start then of the final round, and the final round is done in two different ways, because the first motif is gonna stand alone so you're gonna want to finish it completely. and then once you get that first one done all the rest of the motifs are going to be joining to this one as you go, so you're

just gonna start joining them together. let's come back and i'll show you round number 7. let's begin round number 7, round number 7 starts off the same way for all of them, and it's just a matter of just joining them to the other ones once you get to a certain point. i'm gonna show you how to do the basic of the main round first, because it's all

the same. so what you're gonna have to pay attention to is that you have these outside ones just like so. pay attention to those, because those are slightly gonna be handled differently when you're going all the way around versus the ones in the middle because we're gonna be creating like these 'v' shape ideas and

it's gonna be really confusing for you. but just keep an eye on these ones right here (indicates which ones) as we go around. so let's begin to do our first one. just remember that right now we're starting in the middle of where these exist, makes a huge difference. if you can visualize it that way. let's begin, we're gonna chain 3,

(mikey counts) 1, 2 and 3 and we're going to double crochet into the same stitch coming back down. i would recommend going right down into this white area right here, this gapping space. and let's double crochet down there. now what you have to just do now is is just chain 1 (chains 1) and then come back down into the

same space and put 2 more double crochets. so you got that so now what we have here is that we have we are looking at the next corner coming up. single crochet into in between this gapping space here. (indicates gap) okay, so it's in between and then we're going to start and do this next corner. now the next corner is handled slightly

different, but it's the same in all of them is that we are just going to immediately just double crochet twice. (counting) one and two one and two and then chaining of 3 (counts) one, two, three. and then double crochet 2 more times into that same space.

so i really wanted to get you beyond that because what's gonna happen is you're gonna start seeing a pattern. so now that you have done single crochet in between the next two trebles, here. and look at that you're back to the center point here (indicates center point) right on top of the snowflake, so what

you're gonna do, is you're gonna do exactly what you did over here, but this time you don't have the chaining of 3 so when you're in the middle you just simply come right back down into this gapping space put 2 double crochets. like so. chaining 1 and then 2 double crochets. so it's basically the ones that are on the

corners get the chain 3 into there and the ones in the middle only get chain 1. once you get that in come back into here (mikey shows where to go) you're going in between the trebles, you're going to single crochet and then basically you're back on the next corner. so it's 2 double crochet

(continues double crochet) it's the corner, so that means it's gonna chain 3( counting) one two and three and then come back in (continues pattern) so let's put in our single crochet in between the 2 trebles, here. on the other side and let's come back down to the

middle so we're now in between and then remember that was 2 double crochets, chain 1. and 2 double crochet so, that's how you would go all the way around, so you're getting the theme here but what happens when you have to join it to a neighbor cuz once you get this

first one done you're always going to run into a neighbor. in the next part of this, i'm gonna show you how to join the next 2 together with the neighbor. so once you get your first motif going on you're going to want to do your second and you're going to attach it now there's going to be 8 sides of this, so you're just going to have to pay attention

that when you're attaching these that you are leaving space for the center square like so (indicates center) so you just look straight down, there's 3 attaching points for these motifs when they're joining next to a neighbor. even from the side to side there's 3 points just like that (points to area) and so when you're joining them you

just gotta be very conscience that this one here for example you don't get up closer so you don't leave space for that square, and it's just a really easy way to do it. now, here's the tip that makes it really a lot of fun to work with. so come right back and i'll show you that in just a moment. so we're about to attach this motif to

this (indicates 2 motifs) do you notice something? you can see that there's an octagon shape happening here even though you have a lot of these stitches. do you see that it's actually like a stop sign? that these are flat (showing flat areas) flat, flat, flat, that'll give you a really good indication of where you need to

attach these together. so i'm just gonna come straight down (points to area) and just attach it here (points) so they'll never attach to 2 of these at one time. they'll only attach to 1, except for in the fact that you may have one over here (points to where) then maybe as you're coming around you'll attach it to this one (points) and then this one at the

same time, and that's it. when you're doing this afghan you're gonna wanna do all the large motifs together and you'll leave out these middle squares and do that at the very end. so when we're coming all the way back around, do you remember how we were just doing our special chain work that we were doing? chaining 1 in between here and then chaining 3 on the ends.

we have to now substitute those for slip stitches that attach to the neighbor. so let's finish off this side here and this one here is a single crochet (single crochets in stitch) and now we're going to start off this next one here, but what we need to do is that in the middle here we need to start attaching to the neighbor.

so we're going start off and we're going to double crochet 2 times. one and two. so what we were doing, this is a main corner that would be chaining of 3, so we have to substitute it in order to attach it to the neighbor. and how we do that is that we chain 1 and we go to the neighbor and we look for the appropriate one that is available

right here (indicates spot) make sure that these are facing up in the same direction (shows motifs) so that you are not having one that is upside down. you're just gonna slip stitch it around. so just inserting it into the same stitch on the other side, just into the gap

insert in and just pull the yarn through. that's a slip stitch and then chain 1. so when we were doing the corners we were chaining a 3 so in this case it's chain 1, slip stitch, which is chain 2 and another one which is chain 3. then we double crochet back into the same motif (mikey continues double crochet)

so we're gonna carry along on this one so then we single crochet into this motif so let's begin we're right into the middle here.and we're going to double crochet. and we're going to do that twice do you remember we're right in the middle this time though we would've chained 1 and double crocheted back into this one here

two more times, but we have to attach it again to the neighbor okay to make that work. so what we have to just do is that we don't chain 1 first, we immediately just go into the other one, and just slip the hook through. and slip stitch it, just like so. and that counts as your chain 1

then double crochet the remaining of that same space. so now you've just attached it there. you're into the trebles here, just single crochet into there again. we have one more corner to attach to, so we begin to double crochet (continues crochet) so it would've been a chain 3, normally

but what we have is chain 1 we go to the other motif, throughout the same spot. pull it through, that would be chain 2 and then another chain, that would be chain 3, and then double crochet back, for 2 more times. so as long as you understand how they

attach, you can basically just attach these at any point within the tutorial in order to make it work. i would just not recommend that it's your very beginning or your very end, just make sure it's a half way point somewhere. and you just carry on and we're just gonna single crochet, and then this is the middle so we're gonna put 2 double crochets.

chain 1, and so that was attaching to a neighbor. that would have been a slip stitch to the neighbor. but it's not (continues in pattern) 2 double crochets. and then we single crochet to the next one here. and then we're on another corner. and continue to do that same all the way

around. when we come back, we're gonna be starting to do the small motif. as well, and the small one goes really really quickly. when you get all the way back around we are just gonna finish off with a single crochet in between the two trebles, and then we just join it with a slip stitch to the top of the chain 3 that we started with and

therefore this motif is completely done, and it's attached to the neighbor at the very same time. so it's actually really easy concept in order to follow so let's begin the square next. fasten off, and the squares we are going to be attaching as we go as we do with round 3. so we're going to be filling in this little space right here

technically, if this was my afghan i would finish the next one first so that this is completely just an empty square and not just one being left out. (mikey gesturing to areas) so to in order to keep it within balance. so we're back and we're now about to create this little center piece in here (indicates small motif)

it's really not a square, i was kinda saying it was a square but it's really not. we have to operate this kinda uniquely as we go around and we need to attach to all sides as we go. so this is one of those one that you have to leave this to the very end. so you will have an entire afghan missing this whole section in between the large

motifs and you just fill it in as you go. so we're going to be using 2 colors the middle color will be the starting color is your snowflake, and the remaining color is the exterior, just like so. let's begin to do the center, and this is the fill in motif as per the instructions and what we need to do is start off with a slip knot just like this

and just chain 4, (counting) so 1, 2, 3, and 4 let's join it with a ring like so. (mikey joins to make a ring) and let's begin round number 1. so round number 1 we're gonna start off with chaining of 4, (counts) 1, 2, 3, and 4

this counts as a double crochet/chain 1 so it's actually kinda 2 things going on. but then that chain 4 you just don't realize it yet. so what we're going to do is we're going to double crochet into the ring, and then every time you do a double crochet do a chain 1. so that's why you got your chain 4

so just double crochet and a chain 1 (mikey crochets stitches) ok so you will have a total set of eight (8) posts going all the way around, once you get this done . and then we're just done with the white. so if this were me and you have so many fillers that you need to do i'd do

all the white first, it's just easier than having to bounce off all the colors, just finish the white off, and then come back just do them all then come back and do the blues next, it's just easier to remember. so when you're going to just count you just number by the posts (counting) one, two, three four, five, six seven and eight.

i've gone one too many, so let's go right back to that last post so number 8 and then remember i have to chain 1 first, and just join it to the third chain up don't join it to the top. (shows chain) because then you'll miss that one chain and what i need you to do at this point is that i need you to fasten off, at this point

i have fastened off and now i just end up with this (center). so what i have to do is i have to pay attention to the gapping spaces plus the double crochet for the next round. the next round wasn't so obvious for me so it's just one of those ones that you have to wrap your head around it a bit. let's begin with a slip knot,

and we wanna start off with is single crochet in any double crochet so right in the top we're going to join it, with a single crochet just join it (does join with single crochet) one single crochet (continues) okay.

so just gonna pull everything nice and tight. so here is what's happening with this one here, in the gapping spaces we're always gonna do the same thing, we're gonna double crochet, right into the gap, chain 1, and double crochet. (mikey continues pattern) like that. the next double crochet that you're gonna have,

is that you're gonna single crochet into there (single crochet) this is gonna create like an 8 sided kind of a spikey thing (chuckles) that's not a technical word, but that's what i'm gonna call it today. here's the next gap, so that's gonna be a double crochet, chain 1 double crochet.

(continues in pattern) and then we single crochet into the next double crochet available, so we have a gap so that means double crochet chain 1 double crochet. continue to do that same thing all the way around just making sure you got it, and don't fasten off. we're gonna have one more layer of blue

and this layer we'll start attaching it to the neighbor that 's how quick these little things go. we're just coming all the way back around and we wanna make sure that we just finish off and we're in the gapping space so let's double crochet, chain 1 double crochet, like so. and let's just slip stitch now to the actual single crochet down here.

now i'm gonna have some tips for you here and you're gonna have to wrap your head around it, it's gonna be really (chuckles) interesting because if you understand exactly what you're doing then the next part it's gonna make your life easier. so what you're looking at here is an 8 sided object, so you have, everything is looking the same. when you're inserting the filler in you

will notice that it actually is inserting like it's a square. this makes a huge difference in the way that you handle like it's a square. this makes a huge difference on the way that you handle yourself when it comes to working on the outside here. so for example, every time you're attaching to the very farthest corner, you're going to chain 1

slip stitch, chain 1 and then come back down. but when you're in the middle of this square, like so, you're just gonna do it like you were doing on the other ones two double crochets, slip stitch, and then 2 double crochets in. it's only on the final point on the outside on the outside of the 4 (points)

that you're going to do that chaining 1, slip stitch, chain 1, and then back in. if you can get that into your head, it's so much easier. and you'll find yourself with a longness really easily. so without further ado let's just pull up the project, we wanna make sure it's right side up. so it's the good side facing up as we

begin to join., and as you can see, it looks like a square area going in, and let's begin to do that next. as you begin number 3 you are just going to slip stitch to the chain 1 space. so all you're just gonna do is move along the edge with slip stitching. (mikey begins slip stitching) you wanna get to a chain 1 space

right into the center right here so right into the gap let's begin and we are going to chain 3 (counts) 1, 2, 3 and we are gonna double crochet back in here. here's the tip, this is one of the corners, this is one of the major corners of this

so what we need to do is that we need to chain 1 first, we look for a main corner of the attaching. which is right here, (points) okay it could be here, or here, or here (points) but it's never in the center if you can get that. and what you need to do is that we just did a chain 1

we're going to go into the joining one with the 2 sides facing up the good sides facing up pulling it through, so that would be a chain 2, then chain again which would be chain 3, if you're visualizing this as the larger piece. so then you're going to put 2 double

crochets into the remaining. so this is attached now to a main corner. so essentially now, is that we are in the middle now of the two joins, okay. so the next one is going to be a small and then we are going to be back to a major and once you get that it's real easy. so the next one here is going to be a

minor, so we just wanna immediately double crochet 2 times (counts) so 1 and 2 so this is a minor. and what you're just going to do this would have been a chain 1, if it was just in between on the big motif, but this time we want to insert our hook in to the other one,

to the middle, between the 2 points and just pull it through, so it's where it's got 2 double crochets in on this side(points) it's in between the 2 mega points on this side and then we begin 2 double crochets. (mikey continues_ so the next one is a major corner so we're gonna put

2 double crochet (continues) okay. we chain 1 first, then we come down (points) and now this time see how they're attaching together like so, i wanna go right into this hole space (mikey show space) right into this space i wanna come up from underneath, grab the yarn

pull through, like this so that woulda been chain 2 and then another chain which would be chain 3 and then double crochet back in to that same little motif. so that was a major corner, you see what i'm saying about major corners, it's at a major turning point, intersection, of the main motifs, (points) this one here is a

minor, it's in the middle. so we're gonna do another minor, so we're just immediately gonna jump over to the next chain 1 space, so 2 double crochet. (continues) then we go to the next minor on the other side, right here, (points) in to the chain 1 space underneath and pull through

and then 2 double crochets back into the same minor motif. a little motif, right. so now we're on a major corner again so it's 2 double crochet so if you can visualize this as a square you're gonna be laughing, so we're gonna chain 1 first, we go and look here (points)

see how these 2 are attached there we just wanna go right into that hole space, go underneath, pull all the way through and then chain 1 and then finish off that small corner there. so chain, we're on a minor again. so we're just gonna put in

this time we look again where they're joining we go right in the middle, do you see that (points) (indicates areas) there's a middle and then there's another major corner. you're gonna go right into the middle (continuin) (continuing) it's easier to do this on your lap than

it is to do a table , in my opinion. so we're just gonna finish off that little minor (finishing minor) like so.... and we have the last major corner because i don't have any more motifs to go all the way around, i should've but i don't and chain err or

so we chain 1, we go into the next one which is the major corner on the other side, pull through that would be chain 2, and 3 and then come in to finish. (finishing) so you can see that its' starting to attach together you can see how it's like a square at this point.

and just for tutorial reasons i'm just not gonna finish this square because i think i might just wanna finish this entire afghan myself. i wanna get the next motif into position. so that i can seal that in, but if you can understand like a major corner versus one that's right in the center of where it's supposed to be attaching (right here)

you can really whip these off really quickly. until next time i'm mikey on behalf of redheart.com as well as the crochet crowd hopefully you enjoyed this dusty snowflake tutorial today.(music plays to end)

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