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French Knitting Ideas Please Help

history was going to be a strengthcrochet unique and working two colors at the same time please tell me about the mostchallenging hat you know there are many you can leave a comment in the commentssection below ordeal video response showing me your challenging here who using a size u will be working as and you're it we'll start the attachments that notcrucially picked up and said that but at the earliest really www

take over the practicum mainstreamed picture but the lotus inner strengthback up the opposite side this creates the slipknot burkett unifying too doing with the beginning chained to anyneeds to be near book break it fresh change map here no quotescruples wouldn't go in your book utah rejecting into every we're kicking in

ten single crochet through the green they're working right around that sent it to you three four six seven nineteen

we're not going to joining who will beworking the continual round at this point i'm going to work first stage i'm going to drop it from michael senate right here i'm attaching thesecond slipknot crochet book

this is where i can do it woman extension point to attach the new color klieman book below the two hoots of the top the steeltrap the honorable pulled through with whom primary book went to work chamberlain works usingappreciating each station where work theory paul

selvan marine about them thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen

and you want to be careful so you don'tdrop this last week reappointed take this one off the hook we've completed two rounds workers to gothe continual reverent so i'm going to work single crocheting each statuary working in the top the first image

to more people move twenty it's it's too for her klein stand your room tenth twenty we're going to change colors forwards going to be in increase rumored

will be working one single crochettransfer stick and increase of two single crochet inthe next sticks canteen around to the beginning therewill be a total of thirty single crochet on round four work crucially doing for increase

fine sermon to unmixed stitch which is none eleven twenty twenty-one twenty-two incomplete

twenty five twenty-six twenty seven twenty eight mackinnon we've completed ground for round five will be one single crocheteach skater ritual book there again

purity uh... working twenty three twenty four twenty-eight twenty nine known change color at that point this is what we have three five rounds

you can see how r cap starting to swirl brown six is going to begin increaseround no work one single crocheting each otherfor institutions and increase in the next stitch individual looking to chat

two stitches and increase in the next sticks this is working too single crocheting that seems to cancunc_ two stitches and seems to train one single crocheting each of the next relapsed one single crocheting into the nexttuesday chance

to in the next you'll continue around the beginning the peking being right here you haveyour previous ground telling what he calls them there'll be a total of forty single crucial thirty summers nikki eight uh... emailing wharton

completed around six there at seven will be working single pro-change each stitch around fora cookbook we're completely through round sometime since starting point where you can continue around there will be no more increases the signs will start to form

you'll have to be care you can address the science withdifferent size cruciate wants more for different size caps work was hill crashing in each of the next three stitches working increase in the next when signal crocheting each of the next for the increase one single crashing into the next threestitches

to next there will be totaled fifty singlecrochet hung around eight threonine local back to our undercover word weren't siegel impeach stitch around grateful for fifty they've completed nine rounds

this is another stopping you can see how the captain's alreadyslightly starting to curl at this point so you could continue on and that the sites for increases slightly darker cap room ten will be willing to do crucially impeached at the next for distinctions withstanding

to single functioning in the next one single crochet impeaches the next four stitches to see you approach a minute stitchreally increase one single proceeding to the next to single country next sticks for the increase there'll be a total of sixty singlecrochet around ten and back around the beginning withgrandparent

group cullen round eleventh will be one civil crocheting in each for a total of sixty i've completed around eleven this is another stopping world west sixty single crochet and foreplaywere strictly yarn the science answered

it's going to be a youth size cap thisis what the cab looks like throughout the love them this is what it looks like from theinside you can see it slightly different so you could choose which site like the or you could make the catheter sappal since we're working etc in a spiral

we don't have a any aptly seems to worryabout we don't have any count me nuts sleeping well you cap indeed interaction rams twelve that's going to be onesingle crocheting each of the next five stitches next to you green teelander next stitch

individual with you and farming to next for the increase me farm to next the increase she'll continuearound the beginning there will be a total of seventy snow

crochet on return twelve six weeks back to the other color grandparenting would be willing to do cruciate stitch around for a total of seventysingle crochet conrad at this point i am going to stopincreasing for this happen

and continue making it was so indeed single crochet at this point i'm going to continue written around working anymore increase kitchens and will be able to work folk friends at the same time keeping them clones with lifting restrictions here

continue to weight working rounds fourteen through twentyseven and a few extra brown took a cab i'm going to show you something a littlebit further that you can do a few were since i'm working was seventy stitches i will have a multiple center center double crochet

with conspirator that's the falynn when said nitpicking that's cool in wearing

since standard net sent seven single crochet thirty one sandoval cruciate all on

when people pick up the coolant being www where personal crucially seven total crucial yuri works sent them single country new hearing cooking to capt around twenty seven andthis is the little part it surely your united and it's a doublecross your creed

uh... unique little weighty type design with single currency double proceed iworking poor brands and then i returned and continue working single proceed forthe remaining link to the cap eating any additional rounds a singlecrochet if you want to create a dream and for the capital like that i thought when he suddenly being anritual but you can continue and modify and dishprograms if you find that it's necessary we're going to get there cara

and when you were consistent in the nextstage right you know report real at the yarn or punitive tug i'm going to continue working singlecrochet all her brown and then work over a couple extra stitches work assistant to the next etc that the real report really

at the yard thrilled to get it this is how it ended the cap willful distraction and this is how it will book at theweekend we will go ahead and so in the eastheels equate to take the two tales of thecenter and they cannot joining them together and working on theinside the cap not going to relieve the tail betweenthe stitches and working right around

the center here weeding rainy cold between distinctions since the way yeah quicker teo i waited so in the second tale to saywho are you reading it between distinctions ready when you don't write and stickersjust like when i get out of here

mately boat uh... ko the ending tales will be sold in thesame way reading in between the stitches witnessed skin all stage and we've been laptops that correction uh... and

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