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welcome to cyber monday craft day with jo -- crafting with jo. and i have sarah with us today. we are really excited to be here today. did you have a good thanksgiving? fabulous. i'm stuffed still. okay. i see that you've been shopping. i did. i picked this gem up just for you. just for today. did you have to pay for it? today, when you go into the store, i decided today i was going to take charge of the segment. all right. when you go into the michaels s tore,

these fabulous chargers come in all different colors. there are so many fun things that you can do with them. so we have some great projects for you here today. sarah, look, not only do they come around like this, they even come with a view -- with a beautiful pattern. guess what. they are on sale for $0.99. you can buy a dozen at a time. my favorite price. next to free. so what we are going to start with is i'm going to use the silver charger. we are actually going to take some beautiful lace ribbon that we have here. you can see. we are going to mod-podge to this up charger. i'm actually going to use the one that is called hard coat.

the thing about this is mod-podge is a clue and a sealer all in one. you can use it literally on anything. plastic, glass, wood, paper, and there are so many different kinds. they even have a glitter mod podge. it's fabulous. i'm going to guess that's your favorite. but it will actually go on things that if you want to set what glass, if you are making tiles or something, this will keep it sealed and the water won't absorb down into what it is that you have made. that's actually what we are going to use on this plate. there's just regular mod podge. just regular. about 500 other kinds. there's even a kids mod podge. if they get it on their clothes, it's safe for them to use. so please don't get anything on that sweater.

i think i get that. so we have a question from the audience, from ms. kelly. can these charges go in the dishwasher? because you're not going to put food directly on the charger, you're going to put it on a glass plate, there isn't reason for the chargers to go in the dishwasher. i think you should take a damp cloth and not really put them into the dishwasher. crafting on it, so you wouldn't want to mess up -- exactly. even though we are using the hard coat, you could not put this in the dishwasher with the lace on it. i'm actually going to take my lace and i'm going to i'm going to cut it about an inch or so wider than the charger.

you can have this beautiful lace. i got it just for you. now what i'm going to do is use the hard coat. i'm just going to use directly out of my bottle. i wanted to see -- the charger has an indentation in there. so we want to make sure when we are putting the mod podge on, we don't want to strike straight across. we want to go down in the groove. let me show you the other thing. i used an angled brush. i'm going to be able to go right to the very edge of this. so you're doing the mod podge on top of the lace? no. i'm putting it right onto the lace. mod podge dries clear no matter what you put it on. class, which i'm going to show you something later, or on this or would do whatever, it goes on white. looks kind of milky but it dries clear. they're all going to dry clear.

so this bottle of mod podge, this is about 8 ounces. so how many bottles of this do you think it would take to do 12 chargers? you know what? allison, good question. you could probably do 48 chargers out of a bottle of that mod podge. then you can -- $0.99, what a bargain. we're going to keep going. and i'm just going to the very edge. if i get a little of the mod podge onto the plate, let it dry, and it will kind of crumble off a little bit and you can wipe it off a little bit. so now when i've gotten down into the indentation, of the charger, i want to make sure -- i'm going to davit on kind of heavy there -- -- i'm going to dab it on kind of heavy there. it's taken on the charger. so we are going to completely cover this whole charger. now,

one of the questions -- we want you guys to ask us some questions because -- one of the things that -- how long is it going to take for the mod podge to dry? sara, are you an impatient crafter? i am the hairdryer queen when it comes to crafting. paint, mod podge, i get it done in about 30 seconds. some people want to set it aside. since you're going to do 12 of these for your fabulous christmas dinner party, just do them and set them aside. by the time you get down to the 12th one, it's probably going to be pretty dry. i would recommend you actually let it dry for a couple of hours. so as we put a plate on it -- we want it to be totally dry.

we are either going to put a glass plate or do we leave or something -- or a doily. we are going to let this dry. i've gotten all the way to the edges. i didn't cut my lace, because as i was pushing it down into the plate, i wanted to make sure that i didn't come up short. i'm going to give you this. we will set that aside to dry. so i have one now that is completely dry. again, you don't see any mod podge on it. looks like it's into the plate, so flat up against it. so i'm going to take a sharp pair of scissors. now, do not use your sewing scissors, friends out there. do not use your sewing scissors to cut paper or anything else. what do i do when i see you sick -- when i see you using the good scissors? not a good day. i'm going to go up next to the plate, perfect. and it has made a perfect cut. now, let's say you cut it

and maybe you pull a little bit of the lace off. just take some of your mod podge and go back and put some more on their if you don't think you have a good enough coat on there, put some more on. now that you've got it stabilized, that's not going to matter. it's not going to move. now, you can use any kind of lace. i did just that. i pulled it up a little bit. so all i'm going to do is go and look, the magic of mod podge. it is fabulous. the reason you used comes on the role like this in the wedding department, i believe. it does. so i'm going to give you this -- we've put our little glass plate on top of there.

and you are ready to have that fabulous dinner party. some food would be nice. i would prefer it that way. i made you a present. look at the fabulous cake plate i made for you. take the lid off. i'm a jew and apple pie. -- i made you an apple pie. this is the same lace that we used. look what i did. i took the scissors and i cut around it. so it made it a pretty dish. you want to wipe this off with a damp cloth. don't put it in the dishwasher. then if you notice, the very top up here and the bottom of the cake plate, we took some etching cream. we have some frost. and we just dabbed it on the top and on the bottom. they look great on the bottoms of wine glasses and things. if you are using the frost, you do not want to put it around the rim of your glass.

you want to keep it down on the glass. so we actually have a question from one of our fabulous audience members. about how much of this ribbon would you need to do the 12 chargers? this has 10 yarns on it. that's only about a half -- so you could get way over your 10 or 12 that you want to do and probably even have some left over if you want to put it around your beautiful cake plate that someone is waiting to make an apple pie. maybe next time. just giving us some great questions. remember that those chargers are on sale today for $0.99. that's all of them, does not matter if it is the fancy ones or the really clean ones. it's a great gift.

so i have another item to show you today. this is going to be another fun thing to do with the charger. this is actually -- i made it into -- like a little cake plate that you can put the desserts on or whatever you want to do. you can't have too many jewels. the other thing i need is i need the crocodile. i'm -- i'm going to show them that fabulous tool. sometimes when you've been doing crafts for a long time, sometimes it's really hard to come up with something new that really excites you. but playing with the chargers and things and my crocodile, which seems to have eluded the studio -- we're going to find it -- that's what i need to show you how the holes are

made in the charger. the charger comes in all different colors. i think christmas sometimes needs to be whimsical and doesn't always have to be red and white. there's nothing wrong with red and white, but i like it to be bright colors, pink and green and blue and all kinds of fun things. what i've done here, i actually have the green charger. i think a little elf took off with our crocodile. sara, i think it is right down there in the tub. nothing ever gets away from us. right there in that basket right there. because we don't want anybody to take off -- technical difficulties.

what is really awesome about this -- it will punch holes in metal, plastic, it will punch holes if you want to make things out of some cans like some luminaries or something like that, it will punch holes in all of that. there's two sizes of holes. the hole punches are on the side. so this is the smaller one. and this is the larger right here. what's really cool about this tool also is it sets all of your eyelets and your grommets. it's an all-in-one type tool. so what i've done with this, i've actually taken -- will you hand me a plane charger? i wanted to show you all the beats. what's really fun too is if you go down into the aisles where all of the christmas decorations are, we've got all of these fun different colors of the beads. these are actually -- like you can put garland on your tree.

to me, they were great decorations -- i've got my mardi gras beads there -- this crop-a-dile, wants to know how much it costs. how much does this cost? the crop-a-dile is $29.99. that may vary in the store. but i'm going to tell you it's probably one of the best $29 you'll ever spend. you can use it for so many things. and will punch paper. chipboard, everything you are using for that. i'm going to show you the magic of the crop-a-dile at how easy it is to go through this charger plate. let me show you one more thing before i do that. on the site here, there's a little gauge -- i want all of my holes to be the same depth.

so this little lever right here will move up and down. so it will give me the same distance inside. right. now, there is a crop-a-dile called the big bite. and that will go in like 6 inches. this is only going to in -- go in about an inch. that's perfect for the chargers. i'm going to put that all the way -- look. perfect. it really is so easy to do. so when i did my charger here, i wanted to make sure that i had my holes even. so i eyeballed it. i did not. i did not get the rule out. i'm going straight across. and i'm going to punch my second hole. so it really is fabulous. i kept going all the way around the charger,

back-and-forth, and it miraculously came out exactly even when i was putting my colors on there. so i want to show you, i'm going to give you this one, this is the one we started on. the holes i've cut in here are probably about two or 3 inches apart. one of our viewers, emma, has a question. what could you use if you don't have a crop-a-dile? then you are going to have to get your drill out. so household drill or a drama will drill -- a dremmel drill. a drill will go right through it. don't drill that on the $5000 dining room table. remember, chargers, how much are they on sale for today, sara? love it.

so now what i decided to do was -- i decided i wanted these fun garlands. so this was my green pearl garlands that i'm going to use. but this fun garlands, look at all the stuff on here -- these other pieces i took part because it had everything i needed to make my charger. i used the fun little candies. it's one strand. and this strand is $10. but -- you're charger is $0.99. you're going to probably be able to get several out of that.

does i use the pink and green. you've got all the other little pearls. remember that you can add anything else to that you want. so the other thing that we're going to use -- i'm going to show you this -- these are called i-pin's. -- eye pins. they're like low straight pins but one of them has the rounded and, that's why it's called an eye pin. the reason i want that eye pin, that's what i'm going to loop my garland. my little pliers, right here, so round nosed pliers, this is what you always want to do, when you're making earrings and you want the perfect circle, this will make the perfect circle. if you use a flat nosed pliers when you make the circle, it's going to look like a d. so you -- we want it to look professional because we are certainly professional craft m akers.

that's right. we do everything by the book. [laughter] sometimes we have to wing it. there are no mistakes. this happy accidents. that's what we love. have you had a happy accident out there? we would love to hear about it. we can probably fix almost anything. put some glitter on it. i can't fix a flat tire, but we can fix most craft ideas. i have all of my punches. i have my head pins. and the things i want to put on here. there was some fun pearls and beads. so i'm going to start with a pearl. string it onto the bottom. then i'm going to take one of my fun pieces of candy.

what's great about these -- is they are strong on garlands, they have the holes white in them. -- right in them. when you are threading things on like using beads and things, you have to make sure that what you're putting on the very end, the whole is small enough that it doesn't fall right off. look what i've done. i'm going to put another pearl on there. and see how much i have left? navy about a half-inch of that left. i'm going to just push it up through the -- through the hole. and then put another pearl on top so that you can see what i have there. then i'm going to take my round nosed pliers. then i'm going to go at the very end of that and curl it. and i want to make sure i've curled it. i don't know if you can see it, it's made a perfect little circle there.

and we're going to clip off -- add a little extra wire -- absolutely. use your wire cutters. don't use scissors. here's what i've done. i've put some of these on here already. same thing. what i did in between -- i didn't want all of the little candies. i used those beads that came on the garland. aren't they fun? the little fun beads here. you can use any combination of anything you want to, but this is what we're going to do here. so will you give me the bottom of my little thing there? i need to set this on something. i'm going to show you -- there are -- we don't throw anything away -- so all of the extra pieces that we had left from

our garland, we just filled our fun little jar with them. anything you want to, you could put candy in there or something like that. real candy. right. [laughter] so i'm going to use this as my base. so what i need to do is i'm going to take my pearl garlands here and it's actually -- it's all put together with a little cluster here. and i'm going to click that -- there is a wire right in the middle of there. so that i can -- i can use this -- sometimes it takes two people to craft. usually.

and two people that can see. i have one good i. -- eye. remember the eye pin i had underneath there, i'm going to have to pick this up. actually, i need to do this. i'm going to take my round nosed pliers and i'm just going to open up that eye hulk. i don't know if you can see that at all but i'm going to try and turn it there. i don't know if you can see -- i'm going to take -- the piece of my garland -- i'm going to hook it through -- like with strength in between it. so i am going to put that -- put that string. then i need to take my pliers again and i'm going to close that circle. pliers are a must for this project.

you absolutely need the pliers. i want to show you the one we have done there. and i've put myself to the charger plate. we have a technical problem that -- sorry, folks. can't ruin a perfectly good sparkly sweater. let's just take off -- take the hook off. sorry. sometimes when you are crafting, i know how much you love it -- really. okay. i'm going to help you -- i'm so sorry. chargers. remember, $0.99 today. get them in your michaels store. we've been unleashed. i don't know about that. let me have the one we've completely done here. i do want to show you -- okay.

so here is the end of that i started i started that. were having a problem with that thing -- let's address that. i would use instead of -- because i want to maybe change this out. i would use some glue dots and just put them on the very top of your class. i would not do it on. so this doesn't happen at your party. you've got your hors d'oeuvres and they're all on your lap. i would use some double stick tape. when you're done with the party and you need to wipe it off, it's going to be hard to clean it. it's just going to be as easy -- and the glue dots will pop right off of their. i've skipped the one in between. and i've gone to each one of the ones where i've put my garland all the way around there. look what we've got. i decided while i was playing that i wanted one a little bit different.

so i took another glass vase. and these are just pearls that we bought out of the beating department. -- the beading department. all i did is i took pearls -- these were the saltwater pearls i put on there. look how fun that is. we put our plate back on there. one of our audience members has a question. how many holes did it take to make the charger? linda, okay, the best thing to do is to actually go cross, cross, so that you keep going exactly across from each other. if you want to get really technical, you can get your ruler out and measure and all that. i did just eyeball them. is about 2 inches in between. if you want your garland to be farther apart, don't put as many holes in it. if you want more beads, then it's going to be more holes. so it's really all up to you, as to how many you want to put in here. again,

i just did the little extra beads on there. anyway, i'm ready to put some cookies on there or maybe apple pie that you made me. we've got one more project that we want to show you with charger plates. again, please give us your questions if you have anything else you want to know about the chargers or something else we're doing. okay. so this is actually -- we're going to put this one over here. this is one of our gold chargers -- i'm not going to punch any holes in it. i want to leave it and put my pretty plates -- maybe i have a decorative plate that i want to put on there. look what we did. look at the things you can do. i'm let -- this is chalkboard p aper. isn't that cool? i love chalkboard. you can put it on anything. and i'm not going to glue it to the charger. i'm just going to place it on the charger.

would you put a name on there for me? when i said my table, everybody knows exactly where they're supposed to sit. don't sit in sara's place. picky party. it is a picky party. [laughter] so you have your christmas decorations made -- have you got something fun you want to think about doing on a charger? share it with us. we love to see things on facebook that you all have made out there too. whether you've used chalkboard paint on something or just chalkboard paper, you need to take your chalk and rub it over the entire surface. and then wipe it off so that you get -- or else your writing will -- you're kind of priming it.

and then take a paper towel.and it gives it that chalkboard look that's kind of -- so you could write messages. eat more chicken or turkey. don't eat the piece of pumpkin pie. the chargers are on sale again for $0.99 at your michaels store today. sara, look at that. of course she's going to draw fancy -- sera is going to know that this is for -- this is her plate. you have to bake me more than one apple.[laughter] i'm going to see if i can get the hole thing made. look how fun. if you're serious about paper not moving, you could put a glue dots on the end. would put our class charger back on top of there so it's like, a fun thing to show. i don't really want chalkboard paint on mine. i really want litter on mine, sara.

can i have glitter? -- i want glitter on mine. i love this glitter paper. scrap paper. there's even some in bigger, chunkier glitter. remember, we are going to put a glass plate or something on top of here. don't put your food on top of the glitter. because we've never eating glitter before. -- never eating glitter before. look, vintage. we've got doilies, in different colors, and that can go on your plate. if i wanted to put this on permanently, i could do the same thing with the paper doilie and use the mod podge on there, but again, makes a hole set. i want some fun christmas paper. all right.

so, fran, audience member, how did you -- she wants to know, how did you cut that perfect circle? we actually sell a circle c utter. and we have two different circle cutters. i have to tell you, it was just easier to cut one and then went around and cut with a scissor. the other thing you could do is you could take your perfect circle. you could take a decorative edge scissor, you could use shears or something fun and cut the edge so it's more decorative. hide the mistakes. we do carry the circle cutter. it's going to be in the scrap booking department at your local michaels store.

so lots of fun things to do. i love the red doilie. something else we did with this, we don't have one done here, but i want to tell me if you want to put somebody's photo on a charger p late, what you can do by just using like the two-part epoxy that you can mix, you can put anything down and see it. you want to put your glass plate on top of their, you don't want to eat directly off of that. so it's just a perfect world today. isn't it? yes. i think i took charge of the segment, did i? do you have more questions out there for us?

we're still here for a few more minutes. we want to answer any questions that you have out there. we want to go shopping. i've been at the store every day this week making something. for thanksgiving, we had dinner and then some friends -- we crafted all afternoon. it was great. great ornaments. we crafted the carbs away. to the chargers come in different? they do. what's even more fun about that is with our seasons, the colors change. so we've got the beautiful red, we've got the lime green, we have a really pretty turquoise, and then remember we have the charger that is decorative shapes. if you want to use the decorative shape, you can still punch through the charger plate.

you could do the same thing and it will be more fancy. i've made a mirror out of that one before. we have circle mirrors in different sizes clued in there. you could punch holes, -- we have different sizes clued in there. -- glued in there. put a piece of ribbon in there and i've got a great thing to hang on the wall. just like a frame for a piece of art. that's a good idea too. you are full of good ideas, m s. sara. it's like i craft or something. rhonda wants to know, have the -- sorry -- what other crafts have you done on the charger? sorry.

i was having a tough time getting that one out. a lot of the things we've done today -- what's fun too, you can make a clock out of them. you're going to need a drill that will go through the very middle. everything you need to make that. if you go to michaels.com, you can find great projects. we are going to be life again at 11:30. sara is going to show me some crafting tricks that she has -- going to be life again.so i hope you come back. thanks for joining us.

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