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just in case you missed it: effects, text formations, circle text just hit ok till it goes away and select proper font now move circle text box off to side so you can see what you are doing you will be using the font size the radius and the angle of start using your crochet symbol font key put the correct corresponding letter in the text box we are looking for the sc symbol, which is f and we need 8

ignore the magic circle for a moment place one space in between each letter/symbol don't forget to add one space at the end using the radius, bring the symbols in closer by lowering the number or moving the bar to the left the next row has another 8 sc: ignore the ss and the chain 1 click ok to finish your row 1 again: effects text formations

circle text move to side, but don't change text just adjust radius since the second line is sc as well you would, of course, change text if your second line was not sc ;) once you are happy with placement, hit ok we will now add the ch 1 (in up direction) and our slip stitch change text to reflect the chain 1 in up position now using angle of start, we will adjust where in the circle we would like our ch 1 to be adjust it until you like the placement

repeat for first row we will now work on the loops which is a custom symbol i made for myself, but is available in the crochet symbol font next, we will add our magic circle and slip stitches you can adjust size to the one that fits best you can also change color if desired do the same for ss, just click anywhere on background create your slip slitch and place where desired although special symbols can be made for these types of transitions

this offers an alternative to producing or having produced a custom symbol for every transition especially if you do not wish to wait for the custom symbol to be made

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