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Best Knitting Pattern Christmas Stocking

so let's begin and we'll be using red heartboutique midnight in our tutorial today. this is a fabulous yarn. it's really quite soft. i think it makes for great christmas stockings. it has a bit of a sparkle to it without beingtoo much and it's really quite fabulous to work with. now i'm not a traditional guy when it comesto christmas of it being red, white, and green. i like more of the fallther christmas kindof idea with the burgundies and muted colors just like so.

so my stocking will be made with the midnighttoday and you can mix and match, and it is a transitional yarn too so you'll be ableto see the colors work out before your eyes. i'm going to be using a size 5mm, size h crochethook today. let's get started right now. so let's get started. we're going to create a slip knot to beginand remember that never counts as one. slip in your hook just like so. i'm going to be giving you options throughoutthis tutorial today on making choices as you go along.

so to begin with i need you to chain 43. i'm not going to do that live with you oncamera but you just have to chain. so 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 and please go all theway to 43 on your own and when we come back i'm going to show you a little trick on howto make the perfect edge at the top of your stocking. i now have my 43 done and this stocking onthe top part is not worked in a continuous round. we're going to do a little web stitching onthe back of it later on in this tutorial. so what i want you to do is we're going togo second chain from the hook, so we count

back 1 and 2, and instead of going in thefront side i want you to turn it over and get the back hump for when you go to do this. and i need you to single crochet yourselfall the way across. and so you're just going to go all the wayacross and when we come back i'm going to give you some options because you'll noticein the photograph that it looks like it's double crochet, which it is, but i decidedfor myself if a kid is going to ram the stocking full of stuff, i thought the stitches wouldbe better if it looked a little bit tighter. so i'm going to give you some options becauseif you have some options... because you're just going to need a tape measure in orderto measure the next part of the tutorial anyway,

so you can change your stitches at any timethat you want to as long as you don't lose your count of the 42 that are going across. so remember we started off with 43 but becausewe went second chain from the hook that we end up having 42 left. so continue to single crochet all the wayacross. so i've just come up to the end of the lineand this is where i'm going to give you a choice. this right now is the very top of the stockingand we're going to keep growing it until we get to the bottom heel area.

now when we do that we have to actually crochetthis. you will notice in the instructions there'sno row count. it just says measure out 10 inches. so here's the fun part about this. you can change the stitches at this pointas long as this here from the top all the way down to the heel equals 10 inches. so i notice in the pattern it has double crochet,so let's review that. so we have 1, 2, 3 we're going to chain up. it says skip the first stitch which just rightunderneath so just go to the next one that's

there and you can just double crochet across. but you will notice there is gapping spacesthere and that's as per the pattern and maybe that's what you want so it's good. but i wanted something a little more tighterthan that. so what i could do, or what you could do,is many different options at this point. what i did is half double crochet (hdc) soi could still speed along pretty good but keep the stitches tighter. to hdc you're going to chain 2 instead, 1and 2, and simply come into that same stitch right underneath and start with the half doubles.

and so to hdc is wrap, into the stitch, pullthrough, and pull through all 3. and you will continually do that all the wayacross. so you can see it provides a nice tight finishjust like so. you could also if you wish, coming back tothe start, this is where the fun options are. the heel by the way is all done in singlecrochet, just to answer that question. so to single crochet you'd only chain one,same stitch underneath, and then just single crochet across. so you can decide what you want to do forthis 10 inches. the goal here is not to lose the number ofstitches going across the row so that you

will not have a misalignment of the stitches. so continue to do that and what i want youto do is come and join me, just go back and forth just doing the same thing. you could even change your stitches... youcould do single crochet, half double, double and then come back and just really play withit as you go along. change the colors as often or as little asyou wish and when we come back, we'll start the heel. so off camera i've been working on the projectand i've been doing hdc all the way across...just like so and i now have my 10 inches of a flatpanel, just like so.

you see it looks really good. and what we're going to be doing with thispanel eventually is folding it in half and this is becoming the top part of the actualstocking, just like so. so now that i have my 10 inches across, we'rejust going to fasten off this color at this time and then we're going to bring on theheel color and that's going to be the next part of this tutorial. so let's begin the heel. i fastened off over here and it says, as perthe instructions, we need to skip over 32 stitches.

so i have counted over 32 and then i wentto the 33rd where i marked it with a stitch marker just like so. and this is where we want to begin. now the back of the heel works in conjunctionwith this piece but it also works in conjunction with this piece coming back around the otherside, so in actual fact this basically is the heel starting on one side of the stocking. it will go around and will eventually cometo the other side of the same spot. so let's begin. we're going to fasten on our next color.

it can be any color that you wish and we'regoing to fasten it on, so that you are going to skip over to the 33rd spot. you can either mark it with a stitch markerjust like you did or just count it and just start at that point. let's fasten on and we're going to do thatright here in a second. fasten on and then what i want you to do...so we're just gonna fasten it on with a slip stitch, chain one, and then single crochetinto the first stitch. and then just hang on right here. so here's a tip for you.

what you needed to do is that you needed tomake sure that there is 10 stitches between here and this spot that you just joined on. for example, say you counted over 32 and allof a sudden you're right here and you only have this much left, your stocking is notgoing to be in balance. so the reality is that you could have, andwhat i did too just to make sure, is that i counted back to make sure there was 10 stitchesbetween here and where it joined. and so that's a personal choice that is upto you. so now that we have our first one it saysto single crochet into the next 9 stitches so that's what we have left.

so we have single 1, and 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,and then 8, and 9. just like so. and so now what you want to do is just grabthe same spot, it's on the other side. just kinda bring it back like a tube or acan and just bring it back around and just begin to start into the first spot. so then for that one it says to single crochetinto the next 11 stitches on the other side. so we're just going to carry on, so just goup to 11. so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, 8, 9, 10 and theregoes my yarn...11. just like so, and so basically now you havethat first row in here and so if you fold

it in half technically that heel should beright in the center point of the two, just like so. so let's begin to do the shaping of the heeland this is so simple it's not even funny. to begin the heel we're gonna start and weneed to come back to almost the center point here and then just a little bit further over. so you're going to notice that we're goingto chain one first and we crochet into that chain one that we started with. so we do that one, ok. and then it says into the first 14 so thatincluded this one here.

so this is 1, 2, 3, and then 4, 5, ...6, 7,8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 and 13 and 14, just like so. so there is your 14 stitches now in. so let's move up to the next row, and so we'regonna turn our work, just like so and we're going to chain up one and single crochet intothis one and then into the next 6. so there's a combined of 7. so 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and 6, and 7, and that'sit for that row. so now you can see this heel when you putthe two like back to back like this, you can see you can see it's pretty well in the centerof that.

so this is the trick on being able to do theremainder of this heel. now i'm going to give you some tips in justa moment. so here's how you complete the remainder ofthe heel. every time you go now back and forth, you'realways going to go to the next one that is down here. so let's begin, we're going to chain up oneand count that as one, and it doesn't really matter on your count. you just have to make sure you go beyond byone, so it's actually a total of 7 because that makes sense.

so you're going across and i'm coming downso this is the last one and so your next one is actually down here, like so. then you turn your work and you chain up onestarting in your first one, and you just single crochet yourselves across again but you goone extra. and you keep doing that until you get to theactual outside layer right on the outside. you're going to keep doing this until yourun out of stitches all the way across on both sides of the heel, and it's a way tokeep your heel in balance. really easy, you don't need to count. that's why the instructions are that simple.

so once you get there then you go down, likeso. turn your work. let's chain one, single crochet again. to get that you just have to keep going anextra one at the end. ok, so coming back across, ok i got on more. and look at that, you're going all the wayback to the next one here. ok, turn your work. i'll show you one more time. chain one, start up, whoops... and continuingalong, single crochet.

it doesn't get any simpler than this. this is how heels are done on socks and etcas well, so if you're ever confused as to how socks are done. ok so make sure you get that last one in,and you look down to the next one here. and see that will pull it down, just likeso. and you're gonna notice this is gonna startbowing out and creating the perfect heel. ok so just continue to do that, so every timeyou're just single crocheting across, just include that extra one at the end and whenwe come back i'll finish off the heel and get you startedon the next part.

so here we have it. the heel is now complete and this is whatit will look like at this point. so you can see we've kind of gone in a v shapeand we concluded that we added an extra every time we got to the end and then basicallythis is what it looks like. so you have an open back at this point. the heel is now done and we're ready to goon to the beginning of the heel, like from this, or from the foot going forward. so let's begin and we're going to join onagain our yarn at the back so we need to count over the 10th stitch in the middle and thenwe're gonna join on with the same color we've

been using all along. and then what we're gonna do is that, thisis an easy way to remember, is that we're going to be crocheting along this edge. we're going to be skipping over 2 stitcheswhen we get here, just to kinda pull it together, we're going to then crochet around here atthis point and we are going to skip 2 stitches on this side as well to keep it in balanceas well. so let's begin to do that next and let's getstarted. what i did or myself, if you're counts areoff at any point at this point it does matter, so what we want to do at this point is thatwe want to make sure that the stitches stay

in balance to each other, so what you cando is you can just fold the your heel just like so and determine what the half-way pointis and that's how i got mine, or you can count it if you are accurate. but if you're not that's an easy way to cheatthe system. so what we're going to be doing at this pointis that we're going to join in our yarn. and we're going to join it just like so andthe remainder of the foot is now done all in single crochet. we're going to single crochet in the remainderof the heel. ok, and i want to make sure i don't get mystitch marker in.

i wanna get this straggler down on top, andi wanna single crochet myself across. we're still continuing to work in rows backand forth and we're gonna be sewing along the bottom of the foot anyway, so this isan easy way. you can hear that i'm not counting and whati wanna do is that i wanna make sure that we're keeping in balance with each other. so i'm just crocheting along the heel here. ok, so i got to the last part and then we'regonna skip 2 stitches down here and just go to the third, like so, and that just broughteverything together. we're going to use a darning needle at thispoint to just fasten in this end.

so now that we're down here, we're just goingto single crochet ourselves all the way around until we get to the other side. so very easy. you know sometimes a darning needle is allyou need just to make those final touches on a project and it's something that i'm notagainst using that's for sure. ok, so what i wanna do is i wanna make surethat i'm counting back. so here's the heel area. you can see this is the skip 2. i just happen to be stopping at this moment.

i'm going to take out the other stitch markerthat was in there and then i'm just simply going to start off at the top like so. so this side here you're also gonna need adarning needle. and just continue to go all the way back towhere you started, but you're not going to go in continuous rounds, you're gonna stopand then we're gonna turn our work and then we're gonna carrying on from that point. ok, so we wanna stop on that stitch that'sjust before it. ok so we joined here. we wanna stop here.

and that's where we're gonna conclude thisround. so i'm gonna turn my work and here's wherei lied to you. i said it's single crochet for the remainderof the foot. it's actually not. you actually have to repeat back on, goingback up to the stocking area rounds number 2 and 3 but because i did the half doublecrochet (hdc) i'm going to want to do hdc again, so what i wanna do is i wanna makesure i'm keeping the right count. so for example, in the original it had halfdouble, or i'm sorry, single crochet and then double crochet and what i wanna do is thati wanna make sure it stays in balance so i'm

gonna be doing 10 rows or 10 rows back andforth in hdc at this point so in order to do that i'm just gonna chain up 2 and thenjust come back down into the same one, and just keep going back and forth. so i want you to complete off 10 rows. so you can either complete what the patternis telling you to do at this point or you can just, if you adlib like i did, just makesure it's 10 rows to going down and then we're going to start decreasing for the toe area. so let me do that off camera and when i comeback i'll have that done and carry you along throughout this tutorial.

so now i have my 10 rows complete, just likeso and so basically the bottom of the foot is still open, the back of the stocking isstill open just like so and you can see the heel is in, just like there. so now i'm going to fasten off at this pointwith this red burgandyish color {hehe} and i'm gonna start the toe area. the toe is really really simple and when wecome back i'm going to show you where i marked it because if you're off by any stitch countsat this point it's really gonna matter. so i'm gonna show you some cheating techniques. i know how you love those.

and basically i left on enough tail at thispoint, this is just a fluke so i can whip stitch this stuff together afterward as well. but before we do that we want to start todeal with our toe area as well, and that continually is working in rows and not in a round circle. so let's begin to do that next. so to begin what we're going to do is we'rejust going to just fold this in half, ok, and we're not gonna pull on it or make itlook like it's gonna be kinda like stretching it at any point, and what i wanna do is iwanna match up the back area here. this is where it's joining on the bottom side,and i just kinda wanna fold it just like so.

so what i need you to do is i need you tomark the two most middle sections of stitches right here, so we got one and i got the nextone right there. the toe area is actually worked in 2 separatepanels and they come together. what i've done is i've marked the middle pointhere. so on the one side we're going to go rightto the middle here and then the other side we're going to start the other one. so let's do one side first, and i'm gonnajoin it exactly where i fastened off with the other one just to make it easier for myself. and you're gonna have to do that for bothsides.

so what you wanna just do then is just fastenon, so let's get our stragglers out of the way, and we're going to chain one and we'regoing to start off with 2 single togethers. so we're just going to go into the first stitch,pull through, and go into the next one, pull through, that's 2 together, and then we'regoing to pull through all 3 loops. and now we're going to single crochet. you can either count it out but i told youto mark that middle section, because that's what i want you to do. because that's where you're going to stop. and when you get to the other side then basicallyyou just want to continue to, um, do a decrease

on the other side as well. so let's just pull that out of the way, thestragglers. i've gone far enough. so i'm just looking for that middle sectionwhere i've marked it. so like so. i'm only gonna get the first one of the 2that i marked and then i'm leaving the other one out for the other side. so what i wanna do at that point is i wantto back out again. i wanna make sure i leave the final 2 out,out of the mix, so there's 1 and 2 and we

want to do a decrease at the very end, justlike so. so now what we're going to do for the remainderof this is that we just have to go back and forth. so we're gonna chain up 1 first, single crochet,just like so, and then we're just, when we get to the end of the rows we wanna pull adecrease move. so we wanna do that single together, uh, crochettogether stitch again. and you wanna do that at the end of everyrow now going until you have a left over of 3 stitches, and you'll be pretty well in themiddle of this whole grey area that you can see on screen.

and we're gonna wanna do this for both sidesand i'm gonna show you some tips in just a moment on where to start so that you can keepit in balance. ok, so what i've done is i've gone 1 too manyagain, so the final 2 so i have 2 left so 1 and 2 and then decrease. so again turn our work. so just chain up 1, ok and start off rightaway with a single crochet going all the way across, and continue to do that decrease onthe ends of each and every row. and i'll be right back and i'll have thisdone and i'll show you tips on starting the next one.

we're now going to move up one row and wewant to do single together decreasing as well so we're gonna chain up 1 first and then thefirst 2 stitches are gonna go together. just like so, and then we're going to singlecrochet ourselves across. but the final2 stitches are going to cometogether as well. so with every row we're going to be decreasingon both sides. we want to continue this same trend for theremainder of the toe area for this particular panel. the same thing will be done on the other sideand then once you get the final 2 bring them together, just like so.

so turn your work. so we're going to chain up 1 first. the first one comes together so pull through,go to the second, pull through all 3 loops and continue to do that. so you'll notice that it's gonna get a lotquicker to be able to finish because you have less stitches going across when you do this. and then your goal is to end up with 3 stitchesleft at the end before fastening off so you gotta make sure you just look for that, andit's just really quite easy once you get down to the grind.

so you just wanna look for your final 2 stitches,there they are, 1 and 2, see. and then turn your work again and just chainup 1, the first 2 come together, and then just single crochet across. the final 2 are together as well. continue that same trend going all the wayand when we come back i'll show you tips on starting the second one because if you startthe second one properly it will turn out just as good. so now i have my final here and i just wantto trim off my loose ends just like so and then finish off.

you can see that it's not like a sharp triangle,it's more like really wide at the bottom. so now what we want to do is that we wantto continue along so for example, we actually fastened on at the end here. so we went on and we went this way, so whatwe need to do in order to keep this in balance with each other in order to keep this lookingproperly is that we have to start off in the middle section just like so. so we're gonna start off with the second partof the toe area coming on, and just where the stitch marker is, the empty one, becausewe marked 2 spots there, and we join, chain one, and then the first two come together,just like so.

and now what we're going to do is just singlecrochet ourself across and then the final 2 are gonna be together. and where have we done that before? on the other side of course! so we're just gonna continue just to do thesame thing you already just did but for the second part of the heel... or sorry of thetoe, i keep thinking heel. and basically i want to make sure it looksbalanced with each other, and then we're going to be doing some sewing after this part ofthe tutorial. so when i come back we'll have this done hereand we're gonna just, i'll show you how to

whip stitch really quickly and then we'regonna carry on to do the top of the stocking. so the final 2 stitches are gonna come together,like so. turn our work, and the first 2 come togetherso we chain up 1 first, first stitch in, pull through, next stitch in, pull through, soyou have 3 loops, pull them together to make 2 together and continue to do that same patternand when you get to the end do 2 together with the final 2 stitches as well. so i just finished the second half and i justwanna just fasten off this and we're gonna start doing some sewing next. and i wanted to make sure i checked beforei fasten off is that these balance with each

other as well so they can be sewn together. so now what we have to do is that we justnow sew together and we have to pay attention to the color so i want to make sure when i'msewing the toe area here i'm using the same color yarn and then in the back the same colorand i wanna make sure that i'm looking at what side is the good side, what's the badside, because i wanna just make a conscious decision that i'm always doing it the sameway so i'm gonna turn mine inside out. ok, and what i wanna just do is then startslip stitching to begin. so i'm gonna show you some techniques on howto do that next. to begin slip stitching i just put some stringon here.

at the very end i have a slip knot that'sopen and basically i just wanna go in and this is obviously the blue section so i justwanna make sure i go into the blue only. i don't wanna be too careless of grabbingtoo much of the yarn because i don't want it to really to be standing out too much. i wanna kinda blend it, so i'm gonna put theneedle through that loop, just like so, and that will hold it permanently into position. and i just simply wanna glide across and justkinda whip stitch going across both sides of the toe area, just like there. and i wanna make sure i keep that stragglerdown on top of the line so i can keep it buried

as we go along. so that's how you would do it and then i'llshow you how to fasten off this string as well. so i'm just being nice and gentle about itbut i'm also being kinda firm at the same time as we're going all the way across. and you're gonna wanna do this with that backheel area. don't forget about that middle section righthere that i want you to finish off as well and then when we come back we'll start offon the top area of the stocking. when whip stitching coming all the way backto the end all you need to do is just glide

the needle back and forth 3 times so you'regonna come back in the same direction we just came back from, so one. coming into a different part of the fiberarea for two. and then coming back in the same area, sothis is how you would fasten off and make it really kinda pretty. um, it's impossible for the stocking to unravelitself when you go in 3 different directions like you are at this point. so once you get to that point you can justsimply fasten off, you don't need to worry about it ever falling out unless somethingweird happens.

so that's how you would do that, so continueto do that same process and so when you look at it from the other point of view it willlook like it's perfectly done. so here's what my stocking looks like so far. this is the outside and the angle is great! i'm loving the heel, loving the toe, and nowit's time to do the cuff and the cuff is really simple. we're going to do that not attaching to theproject at this time but you can see either side you look at it this stocking looks reallyquite amazing. i love the little shine too.

the midnight yarn does an amazing job withthis. so let's start the cuff next. let's begin the cuff. we're just going to start off with a slipknot using the same size crochet hook at this point. and then we're just going to chain 47. i'm not gonna do that for you. so the rotation in this one here, in the otherone you remember is probably 42 or 43 when we started, we're doing a little bit biggerso that it can circle around the stocking

without having it compressed. so you're gonna want to chain 47, so thatwas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and when we come back i'll get you started and this one is real easyas well. we're gonna be single crocheting 11 rows sothis is gonna be 1 of 11. so going second from the hook what we wantto do, is that we want to single crochet, so we're going to start with just skip overto the second, so 1 and 2, go to second, turn it over and get that back hump like i showedyou in the very beginning of this tutorial and just single crochet into that back humpand that leaves a perfect edging at the top. so continue to do that and just continue togo back and forth, single crochet for a total

of 11 rows and i'll do that off camera andwhen i come back we'll then begin the bottom. there's a little bit of a fancy shell workat the bottom and i'll show you how to join it to your stocking and that will concludetoday's tutorial. ok, once you get your 11 rows in, you're justgonna fasten off, leaving enough of a tail so that you can whip stitch it to the beginningof the thing. so just turn it around and just make sureit's flat, just like so and just continuously whip stitch it across. when we go to fasten on to this project wewant to make sure this whip stitching will appear on the inside of the cuff so you justwant to match everything nicely just going

in one side and then out the other side ofthe other half of the cuff. so continue that, fasten off this, and thenwhen we come back we're gonna start the bottom scalloping edge and then we going to thenfasten this on to the stocking and then we're going to do the top scalloping edge, and we'realmost done at this particular point. ok, we're gonna start, and first of all thisis the outside seam that i did so we want to turn it so that's it's on the inside ofthe cuff. so you can see it's a lot nicer. and we're going to continue to start off rightwhere we left off. this is the right side of this as you're lookingat it and i wanna capture the stitches right

when i started. we're gonna be using a smaller hook, a sizeg (4mm), and we're gonna use the same color. i'm gonna fasten on and this is the lowercuff edging, so we're just gonna fasten on, bring it through and grabbing that yarn, andpulling it through. so let's begin as per the instructions, itsays that we've just joined it and we chain 1, which i've just done and it says singlecrochet in the first 2, so the first two we're going to single crochet, so 1 and 2 and itsays that we want to do some fancy dancy stitch work {hehe}. so we're gonna double crochet, we're gonnaskip the next stitch, we're gonna skip that

one and we're going to double crochet, firstchain 1, and then double crochet and it says to do that twice. ok so in order to complete that off we'regoing to double crochet one more time, chain 1 and double crochet, and then we're gonnacome back down to the row underneath. so it says to skip the next single crochetand then single crochet into the next, and it says to repeat from the same pattern. so here's what we want to do again, so we'regonna repeat so we're going to skip the first one, go to the second, we're going to doublecrochet, chain 1, double crochet. we want to do that twice.

we want to double crochet, chain 1, and doublecrochet. ok we skip the next stitch, coming to thisnext and single crochet and then repeat the shell again so we skip the next and doublecrochet and continue to do that all the way around on the end of this cuff. and when you get all the way around, the finalone is that you just slip stitch it to where you started, like so. and then you're going to fasten that off verynicely and then that concludes that and then we're gonna start attaching this whole componentto the actual top of the stocking. ok, let's begin to join the cuff to the topof the stocking.

so we just want to slide the stocking in-betweenand we want to match up the back seaming areas on both of the stocking and the new cuff. so our goal here at this point is to matchthe stitches to each other. so let's begin to do that. so we're just going to start off with a slipknot and we are just gonna kinda eye it up basically and essentially what you have todo at this point is that you just have to single crochet starting at the back goingin one point and going in another and just single crocheting around both of the components. and you just have to kinda eye this up tomake it look great.

ok so we just, uh, i just did slip stitch,chain 1 and then single crochet. so whenever i go into the front side i wantto make sure i'm matching it to the stocking on the other side. i'm keeping the stragglers down on top ofthe line so that i can hide them. you can also use a darning needle afterwardbut it takes more time. ok, so just continuing just to grab both andessentially you're kinda sewing them together but using your crochet hook at this moment. so we're gonna be using this particular roundthat we're doing now, or row that we're doing now, to do the finaling off of the scallopson the top of the stocking.

this also does a really nice final edge onthe top so that's what we have at this point. you can see it's being attached to the stockingand to the cuff at the same time. continue to do that all the way around. i'm just coming at you with a quick tip here. so for example, say you actually somehow screwedup that you have too many stitches on the cuff and not enough on the stocking or viceversa, what you have to do is that the cuff actually has to match the outside, right,so for example if you don't have enough of the stocking side of it you can just fakeit, ok, so just put in a single crochet just in the cuff itself and then continue along,and then just grab the next one available

in the stocking itself. and it's kind of a way of skipping over thestocking area or vice versa so if you have too many stitches in the stocking and notenough in the cuffing, then basically you could put one in the front here and then skipone of the stocking stitches and go to the second over on the other side and it's a greatway for keeping balance so is a perfect way to be able to go and then when you do yourfinal edging that we're going to do in just a few moments then you just gotta fake itat that point and, uh, make it work instead of having to frog all of your work. it's about cheating the system if you canand you will notice as you come out to the

end. so you kinda see that the blue has a littlebit extra so i'm just going to put in 1 for the blue, ok, and then i'm gonna go into thenext blue and then attach it to the next stocking and then basically that kinda pulls it back,see? just one stitch like that, and then go intothe next blue, next stocking, like so. and so it becomes a really easy process whenyou do it from that point of view. so continue that and i'm just gonna startthe next row, and it'll be the final of this particular project for today. so let's do the top of the cuffing area.

i'm coming to end. i wanna slip stitch first, coming around andwe wanna chain 1 and single crochet into the same stitch. so now we're going to do exactly what we didon the top with creating that scalloped look. ok, so what we're going to do then is thatskip 1 stitch, go to the second for a double crochet, chain 1, and then double crochetinto the same one and we want to repeat that twice. so we want to double crochet, chain 1, anddouble crochet. we're going to skip the next one, single crochetin the next stitch available and then skip

the next one and do the same thing with thedouble crochet. that's double crochet, chain 1, double crochet,ok and then double crochet, chain 1, double crochet and skip 1 stitch, come to the nextone, single and skip next and do the same thing. when we come back all the way around we'regoing to create the loop where you can hang it and that will conclude off today's tutorial. so we're coming all the way back around andi'm getting my final shell in there and essentially i want to, uh, we're gonna skip a stitch buti'm gonna join it to the very beginning one, just like that.

so now we wanna create the loop that you canhang from the fireplace, so all it is, is 12, so 1, 2, it's a chaining of 12. so 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 andthen slip stitch it back to the beginning where you did. you can fasten off, weave in your ends, andnow your project is good to go. so here is the conclusion. you can see the scallop edging does a fabulousjob right at the top. you know, i've done stockings before wherethe color bleeds over in the top and it just doesn't look fabulous.

really amazing. it's permanently attached. you now have your loop and as you go throughoutit you got that perfect heel going on, you got that perfect toe, all the fun, you gota really perfect stocking to hang on the fireplace. until next time, i'm mikey. on behalf of redheart.com as well as the crochetcrowd join me next time as we have more free ideas, patterns, and etc available in videoformat. until then, we'll see ya.

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