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Knitting Ideas For Christmas Presents

this tutorial will provide three different stopping points for three different size caps i will be starting off with two colors an orange and a tan color, we will later be adding a green for the leaves i will be using a size h, 5 millimeter crochet hook the yarn is four ply yarn this is going to be the stem i am using a tan color, you can use whatever color you prefer for the stem the next two stitches will be front post double crochet

putting your hook between the stitches wrap around to the back and front wrap the yarn over, pull through and complete the double crochet the next stitch will be a front post double crochet the third stitch will be a half double crochet working right through the top and these are the last two half double crochet join with the beginning stitch

front post double crochet work an individual half double crochet in each stitch sew the tail on the inside of the cap working on the inside of the earflap

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