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How To Get Knitting Ideas For Baby Boy

in today's tutorial, we're going to do apair of baby booties, and i'm going to be teaching you the three month's sizeand the pattern's available for the six and 12 month sizes as well. in today's tutorial, we are going to makethese rolled down cuff baby booties, just like you see here. we have the fullcomplete pattern, it's not a complex pattern, it's quite easy to do. we're going to be doing the cuff areahere, and then doing the baby booties. now it does have a difference of yarn,you can either choose to use, what we have is the bernat handicraftercotton or the sugar lily and cream, or

you could also use bernat satin yarn aswell, and you can see that the instructions are included with differentsizes. so you have the sizes three and then six and twelve. so whenever we go to read instructions,just like you see here, the three, this is a three month is the first number, the six month's is the second number, andthe third number there is the 12 months. and every time there is a change of size,you will see that. so in the in step here, it's miss the first seven for thefirst size, miss the first eight for the next size, and miss the next nine for the nextsize. so it gives you an idea of what to

do. so today we're going to need a fourmillimeter, size g crochet hook today and let's get started right after this. let's get started using a size g, fourmillimeter crochet hook. i am going to use bernat handicrafter yarn today and itis a cotton yarn that's kind of perfect yarn for those that are in the south,that are pretty hot temperatures. cotton really does a great job and being ableto keep babies cool when you need to be. so starting off with the slip knot onthe hook, never counts as one. we are going to chain sixteen, and we're going tocreate the cuff that is rolled down. so

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16. so now that i've got sixteen, i am going to do asingle crochet all the way to the other side. so skipping to the second chain onthe hook, so just go one and two, go to the second turn it over, get the back part of the stitch only, andjust single crochet, and single crochet all the way across back to the beginningof the chain. now that i'm all the way back to theother side, i just want to turn my work and start row number two.

so we have to create this cuff until youget six and a half inches, or six inches long for the small size, the other sizesare listed there. so what we have to do for the second row,we chain up one, and if you're new to crochet, you may not know what a front loop, backloop is. so both stitch, both strings that you see here are a stitch. if you go into the first string that'sclosest to you, that is the front loop, and if you gointo the back one that's farthest away from you, that's a back loop.

so what you have to do is, every time youturn around you have to chain up one and go into the back loop only of the stitch,and single crochet, and you were going to continue to do that. just back loop only, and this is creatingthe cuffs that you see that's within the booties. so you just need to go back and forth onthe back loops only until this particular piece measures six inches, ifyou're doing the three month sizes with me. so i will leave that with you, sojust have to keep going back and forth, and when we come back, i will have thecuff completely done, and then we'll move

on to the next part of the tutorial. iwon't have it sewn up or anything. i'll meet you back at that point as well. socontinue along and i'll see you in just a moment. so i'm coming up to the end, and thishappens to be my six inch mark of length that i measured up against, and what iwant to do now is that we need to work our way along the side of the ridge here.so it says in the pattern that we need to get twenty-three equally single crochetedspaces in here. now the thing about it is, that everyridge that you see popping out here, it represents two rows, so 1, so i got 2,4, 6,

8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 19, which means thatevery row cannot equals one single crochet each. so this means that at certain pointsi have to add an extra. so to begin to do this, okay, we need to chain up one, and we justhave to equally space twenty-three, so i'm going to go 1 and 2, and then the next onei'm going to put two into there, so 3 and 4, and then i'm going tojust keep moving along, 5, 6, 7, and the next one, i'm going to add two intothat one. 8, 9, and keep moving along, 10, 11, 12.

i'm going to add two into the next one 13and 14 and 15 and 16. i'm going to add two into the next one 17,18, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23. so how did i figure that out soquickly? i have experience with crochet. so even though it's evenly spaced, thereis two in a few of those in order to bring me back to twenty-three. so let's move on and we're going to turnour work and go up and do one more row across. so we chain up one and wesingle crochet into each one of the stitches along, and then we're going tofasten off on the other side. so i'll meet you there in just a moment.

so now just come up all the way to theend, and i want to fasten off and we're just going to snip our yarn and this willconclude that. okay, so we just got to weave in yourends. just do a nice job of it. we have to move on to the next part ofthis tutorial. of course at the end, you can always hide your tails in a lotbetter with the darning needle, but i just want to get them out of my way fornow, and then move on to the next part of thistutorial. so this is what we have right here. this is the top of the boot here, itwill roll down, like so. and so, then this becomes the top of the foot area andwe're going to do that next.

so now i want to hold my project upsidedown, or to put into basically the way i was holding it before, and i want to bevery conscious of where we are at this particular point. and so when wefasten it, when we did the first row, this was the right side and then we did this.this is the wrong side. so we have to turn it back. okay, so justremember how to do that. so we have to start off by missing a certain amount ofstitches before we can join our yarn. but, i'm just going to put a slip knot on my hook and i'm going to begin to count. so it says that, says with the rightside, okay, rs, it says to join by missing thefirst seven stitches. i'm going to count.

so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. so i think i'm going to go into the eighth here. okay, so it does say that is a singlecrochet, and do a join into the next stitch. just going to join it. okay and then, and so i got a join, and then it says todo, what does it say? chain one and single crochet into the same space. got it. just like that, and then it saysto do one single crochet in the same space as the last slip stitch, which isfine, and then one single crochet in each

of the next eight and then turn. so the next eight is all going to bethis. so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. just like this. okay, so this is what wehave going on here, so this is where the instep is. sowe're going to turn our work and begin the next row. so rows two, three and four are going to be the same thing. chain up one and one single crochetacross. so please do this for rows number one, two, sorry, for two, three, and four.

okay, rows two, three, and four, just singlecrochet across and this is a row number two. please do that, and i'll meet you at theend of row number four. so i've just finished row number fourhere, so i turned my work and ready for row number five. so this is the finalpart of the top part of the instep. so what we want to do, is that we want tochain up one, and we are going to put a single crochet two together, and in thefirst one. so the first two is going to, the first stitch is just in, pull through, going into the next stitch, pull through,and then pull through all three loops. now it says to do one single crochet ineach of the next five. so 1, 2, 3,

4, and 5, leaving you with two stitches left, andyou're going to do it two together there as well. just like that. okay and what we want to doat this point, is that we want to fasten this off. so let's just trim our work outand fasten this off. this is the top of the instep. okay and you can do a better job of thatif you wish as well, and what it says to do is that we have to sew the back seam.so we're going to be able to just go along, and just come along, and sew theback seam together, so that we can do it,

like this, and i'll show you that in justa moment. so taking a darning needle what we wantto do is we want to put the same color yarn, same material, into a darning needleand we want to sew the back seam of the bootie shut. okay, so let's just create a slip knot here.i like to do that just for extra security, and what i want to do is that iwant to put the two seams together like this. and i'm going to start at thebottom here and just work my way across. so just jump in here and across, pullthrough, and pull it to get to the slip knot and slip the needle through the slip knot, like this. and i want you just

to work back through the seam, to theback of the bootie here, and just doing a whipstitch. just up and over. it helps if you trim out your otherspare yarns that you've been working with before you do this, but that's okay. soi just want to work my way up the seam. i don't want to do anything crazy likepulling it way too tight. i just want to do a nice job with the stitches and justkind of match these up as we go, and i will leave that to you and i'll seeyou at the top of this seam line. so now that i'm at the top, what i wantto do is i just want to create a little knot that's in here. so just slidethe needle underneath some fibers and

just put it through the loop like so. nowthe best way to hide the tails and that will never fall out, is that you glide the hook underneathsome fibers. don't go to the good side of thisproject. just glide in one direction and then come back and go into a differentarea, but the same path in the other direction, and then back into athird down. what happens is that the tails will never fall out, because it'sbeen wrapped perfectly each and every time. so what we want to do is that we justwant to trim this yarn now.

and this is my starting string, but thewhat we have here is on the other side, here we have the bootie itself. so let's begin. we're going to, i'm goingto leave in some of these tails that i have. going to do a nice job and theni'll meet you back and we'll continue along with the base. so this is what itskind of looking like at this moment. to begin the next part, you now got to turnit inside out. so that the seam is on the inside of the bootie. just in here, andthis is the good side that you're looking at. so if your baby is wearingthat, you're looking at the good side. so eventually what's going to happen isthat this will roll down and you have

the nice cuff area at the top of theboots. so let's begin. we're going to move downand start doing the foot next. so grabbing our yarn, what we wantto do, is we want to start crocheting around here, and we want to do it in away that the back is going to be matching the top of the instep. so let's just create a slipknot. we'regoing to join it in the back of the seam line area. okay, so we're just going to join it rightin the back. might be kind of tight there, and join. just join it in, like so, and itsays to chain two, which counts as a half

double crochet. so 1 and 2, leaving this straggler down on top ofthe line. it just as a lot easier for you to follow. so it says to put one half doublecrochet in each of the next stitches as six stitches. so if you count, there should be six stitches here. so 1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6. that is no camera trick, that is the real deal, which is hard to believefor me. so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. usually i screw up in these booties too bad as i'm fine.

so we're going to do six half doublecrochets. so 1, 2, 3, 3, and 4, 5, and 6. now it says to put in seven half doublecrochets down the side of the instep. so there should be a total of seven here.you might need to squeeze them in, so just continue to go. i'm gonna go rightin the corner here, so i'm actually going to go in the side here to 1 and 2. i'mjust equally spacing it, 3. i'm going to put another one there, 4, 5, and 6, andput another one in that is 7. so there's my seven and then it says toput in two half double crochets in the

corner. single crochet so it right inthe corner here i'm going to put two. so 1 and 2, and then it says to putfive half double crochets along the top of the instep. so there should be five there. so let'sdo this so 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 which takes me then to the next corner, and in thecorner, it's going to be two half double crochets. 1 and 2, and then we have toput another seven down the in the seam again. so we just got to equally space that. so1, going to put another one there, 2, 3,

4, 5. yep, another one there, 6, oops, thatwas supposed to be 6. 6 and the final one is 7. and then it says to put a halfdouble crochet in each of the next seven stitches. so i'm just going to count itjust for the sake of it. so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 that takes me right back to thevery beginning. so let's just do that so 1, 2, 3, 4, forthose 4, this is 5, 6, and 7 and i want to join this then to the top of the firstchain two, just like this, to pull it nice and tight together like there. okay, sothat's kind of how it looks like at this particular moment. looking pretty good, isn't it? so let's move along and second round forthe foot area. now for the second row

what we're going to do is that we aregoing to create a ridge that looks like it's part of like a sole, basically. sowe're going to count our chain two and it says to create what is called a doublecrochet back post. so each one of these stitches that we work with, we're goingto be working from the back post only. okay, so what we're going to do is thatwe are just going to insert from the back. so let's begin. so this is onedouble crochet back post in each, going all the way around. so we wrap the hook,and coming from the back, out from the side, and then back to the other side fora back post, and we double crochet. so that, and we do that for each stitchgoing all the way around. so we're not

adding any stitches or subtracting anystitches. were simply just doing a back post double crochet in each of thestitches going all the way around, and this creates a really beautiful linewhen it comes to your booties. okay, so you have a beautiful line there. so again just comefrom the back post and do a double crochet back post all the way around anddo tha,t and i'll see you at the end of this round. so you're going to come all the way backaround. i have one more left and then i'm just going to join it with a slipstitch to the top of the beginning chain

two. so here's the thing, i'm running out ofthis green, so i'm going to switch off color. so i'm going to completely fasten off at this moment. technically you wouldn't if you're going to carry on,but actually it might be a good thing, because i can make the bottom ofthe sole something completely different for different color. so i'm just going tofasten this off. you're not supposed to, but you can if you want to, because it isyour creativity. you can do what you want. so let me just grab, go to the yarncloset, and see what's there, and i'll be back, and i'll grab another color of thecotton yarn. so for round number three,

and we have to do exactly what we didand i'm going to start off with this pink. now i've seen this color combo done inboots before. looks really quite sharp, if you ask me, but that's my personalopinion. so we have to then join it to where wehave done the chaining of two last time. okay, and that's where i kind of fastened off before and we want to chain another two. so i just fastening on and then 1 and 2. so for this entire round is exactly whatwe had in the last one. so again from the

back post only, just do double crochets.and you'll do that with every stitch all the way around. so i've already shown youhow to do that. it's going to be easier to access this time around because thestitches are bigger than they were in the last round. so it's just a matter ofdoing it. okay, so back post double crochet into each,going all the way around, and i'll see you back here in just a moment. so i'm just finishing up and i'm comingall the way back around and i'm going to join it to the top of the beginningchain two. and so this is what it looks like at this moment. kinda neat.

so let's begin. we're going to go withfourth round. and the fourth round we're going to start getting smaller as we startcreating the bottom of the sole. okay, so let's begin. we're going to chainone and it says single crochet two together over the first two stitches. soin the first step, we're going to yarn over, pull through,and in the second stitch, yarn over, pull through. you'll have three loops on your hook.you're going to pull through all three. okay, now it says to do fourteen single crochetsin a row. so we're going to count these out, so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,

9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14. so now, what we have, is that we have toput in a single crochet two together. and we have to do that one in the next one.so the next two are together, so just put them, to put them together. the next oneis a single crochet by itself, and then the next one is together as well. so whatyou're just going to do is you're going to single crochet yourself all the wayback to the back of the heel, but in the final two stitches, you're going to putthe last two together. okay, so make sure you do that. so we're justsingle crocheting. so you could either count it, but because i told you that, youcan just simply just single crochet

yourself all the way to the back of theboot, and the final two stitches will be together. okay, so i got two stitches left here, sojust in, pull through, in, pull through, make them together, and then just join itto the beginning with a slip stitch. okay, so let's begin the next row. begin rownumber five. we're going to chain one and put the first two together. so in the first one, pull through, nextone, pull through. okay, so the first two are together, and nowit says that we need to count twelve this time. so 1, so twelve single crochets in arow. so that was 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12, and now the next two together. so just put the next two together. okay, the next one is a single crochet andthen the next two are together. so these two are together now and now wejust have to single crochet ourselves all the way back to the start again, and the final two are going to be two together at the end. so you notice how i count when i get tothe halfway spot where i know, i know i have to put those two together, but knowing that i'm coming back to theback of the heel i'm basically i'm just

relying on instinct and orders insteadof having to count. okay, so here we go we have the last twostitches to be put together and i think that was the last one right there. so the last two are right here, and then we just join it to thebeginning single crochet that we started with, just like there. okay so that's whatit looks like so far. let's move along to round number six.round number 6, we just have one more round after this, but let's begin roundnumber 6 we're going to chain one. the first two are together and so we'rejust going to put the two together, just

like that, and it says for number six, there's gonna be ten now, so in a row, so1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 and the next two are together. so let's put thosetogether. the next one is a single crochet, and then the next two aretogether. just like there and then the rest of them are all just going to be singlecrochets all the way back and the final two will be two together. so what we're doing is we're creatingthe underside of the sole. we just have one more round left and then we justhave to sew the seam line at the bottom out the stock, of the bootie.

so we're coming back to the start. wejust got to keep an eye on where we are. the last two are going to be together. so here's together and then just join itto the first one. tip so let's move along and we're going to round number seven,the final round of these booties for today. so the final round, we're going to chainup one. the first two are together and for number seven, we have to crochet foreight in a row for the next, so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, and then the next two are to ourseven and then eight, sorry and then the next two are together andthen the one next one is by itself and

then the next two are together, like that,and then the rest of them all the way to the back is going to be one singlecrochet with the exception to the final. tthe final two have to be together as well.so this concludes on how to do this particular bootie we're going to do theseam line at the bottom of the of the bootie where we're going to bring ittogether. so we're just looking for the very end here. okay, so one and put those two together andthen just join it to the beginning. so what i would do is not fasten of this yarn like really short, just leave it so you can run the darning needle throughit, and what i would do that as well, is

that we should turn this booie insideout and make sure the seam goes on the inside. so let's turn the bootie inside out sothat the seam will be on the inside of the bootie. okay, so we just gotta put a sewingneedle through here and just bring this okay, so let's do that next. so we're goingto put a darning needle onto this strand and we're going to sew it shut. so the trick is is that when you go todo this you want to kind of make it look as close as you can to the to being theright shape and so you just want to go

back and forth with the whip stitch,along both sides of the seam. now babies, they can put their feet up in the airquite a bit so you kind of want to be conscientious of how you're doing the bottom of the bootie. you know other mothers will judge. youknow it is, we're not supposed to but we okay, so we're just going to just whipstitch our way across the bottom to bring the seam shut. it's kind of like the icing on the cake. it's kind of like the finishing touches,you feel like you got something done. and

so you just gonna have to repeat thisfor a second pair. just watch your counts. if you'refollowing the pattern, it just makes it a lot easier. i had a history and when i first startedcrocheting is that my booties were never the same size. (laughing) okay, so we're just coming up all the wayand i'm just finishing up. so i want to come in and i want to just tie a littlebit of a knot with the yarn strand and you don't want your tails coming out, sothe secret to doing that is that if you put your hook in or your needle in, inone direction,

pull through, and through a differentpath but in the other direction and then a different path into that of anotherdirection, is that you'll never have the tails falling out of your work. so we can just simply just clean up thework, like that. just get rid of all these loose littletails. i'm just going to trim this oneafterward and i'm going to turn it back to the way it should be, and let's give it a brief inspection. okay, so here's what it would look like andyou can roll down the booties

or you can roll them up depending onwhat you're up to and you just have to shape the bottom of the foot a littlebit better. just give it a good few tugs and thiswould be how you would do one of those baby booties with the roll-down tops, just like so. so until next time, i'm mikey, on behalf of the crochet crowd, as well as yarnspirations.com, thanks so muchfor joining me today and until next time. hopefully, we have some more freepatterns and etc. available to you real soon. until then, we'll see you. bye bye.

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