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- honestly, honey,it was only just 'cause i wanted to get to know you--that's all. i totally get it now. - okay, good. - i never wanted you to think that i was ever talkingbehind your back without actually saying itto your face. like, i just wantedto get to know you. - oh, so you've saidthese things behind my back? - no. i was saying i just don'tknow with the delivery.

- this whole thing--behind the back. - i tried to verbalize it. - the back. no, no. no behind the back. - i don't mind peopletalking behind my back, actually, anymore. - can we just clarifythis whole-- - i actually don't mind. - i have something to say. - please, please talk about me. - no, no, no, no. - i really mind peopletalking about me behind my back.

if you've got anything to say to me, say it to my sodding face. - exactly. - fine.- if you don't have enough guts to say it to my face, please talk about it behind my back. - shut up. honestly, people. no. i disagree.and this is why i disagree. i think that there isthis whole thing

about sitting there saying,"we made a pact." i don't agree with that. it's not talking about somebody behind their back. it's talking about how you feel about-- - behind their back. - no! about what's happening. - yeah! - yeah, we talked about this yesterday, and i said, "sophie's put up a very clear boundary, and as friends, we have to have boundaries, right?

- i get that. - and that is her boundary. - i get that. i'm just asking. - and we have to respect that. - that is my boundary.- i am respecting that. i'm respecting that.i'm respecting that. - and so i'm going, god, this looks awfully familiar. i felt julie trying to create a divide last year between me and some of the women. marissa must be coming, right? - i don't know.so, is it gonna be weird?

- no. why does it haveto be weird? - i saw you the other day, and you told me that caroline was saying terrible things to you. she was, like, saying, "i'm gonna wipe you and gregor "to the floor. i'm gonna ruin your family." you told me this! - wha--what? and now i'm watching julie do the same thing to sophie.

- i have to say we can't go there. every single other aspectof your life i support you in. doesn't meani don't love you any less, because i do. - didn't caroline go to sophie and say that i'm manipulative and dangerous? so, it's okay for those two to have each other's ears and talk about me,

but i can't go to sophie anymore and say how i feelabout caroline, 'cause they're "sister-in-laws." - like, caroline's now told me how she really feels. - so that's a boundary? - no. that's the boundary i won't cross. that's it. that's it.

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