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Knitting DIY Ideas For Young Mother

how to make delicious bacon roses! hi, guys, i’m kristen and welcome to studioknit! for a fun little bonus video, i thought iwould show you how i perfected the really clever bacon roses seen on pinterest witha couple extra special touches i devised. with father’s day upon us, i guarantee youthis is a sure-fired hit with the men in your life. the ingredients is bacon and brown sugar.i am using 40% less fat bacon. i wanted to make sure the bacon was fatty enough for theswirl of color, but keep it as healthy as possible. then we also use wood skewers andtoothpicks.

set your oven to 375 degrees fahrenheit. begin by threading your bacon though yourskewer on one end, then roll up tightly about one-third of the way of your bacon strip. now, here’s my special twist to really helpour bacon roses look like roses. we simply twist our bacon strip counter-clockwise. you’llsee that by twisting our bacon, the rose petals are formed creating little points. then secure with a tooth pick or two on thebottom of your rose. continue rolling the rest of your bacon roses, then place themin a muffin tin. this is my favorite way to bake them. your rose buds remain standingupward and they enjoy baking in their own

yummy juices. oh, one more special ingredientis to sprinkle them with a pinch of brown sugar. the sugar crystalizes and melts intoyour bacon. this makes them extra delicious and sweet, just like a rose! then bake for20 minutes! oh, i made bacon roses this past valentine’sday for my boyfriend and look… now we are engaged! i’m telling you, bacon roses aremagical! so, once they have cooled, place them on yourskewers and create your bouquet. i like using mason and milk jars as my vases. i hope you enjoyed my first little cookingvideo and are inspired to whip up some bacon roses yourself.

thank you so much for watching studio knit!please subscribe and check out my complete father’s day diy gift idea playlist. hereare two necktie ideas. how to knit a necktie and how to make a decorative rose from a necktie!bye!

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