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Knitting Gift Idea

hey everyone its dominique from bloggingin my undies and here's another quick gift idea it takes maybe all of five minutesto do i'm rather lazy person when it comes to sewing so i didn't trim theedges of the fabric i didn't pin it what i did was i by half a metre of thiskind of jersey knit lightweight fabric and i'm going to make infinity scarf sowhat i did was i folded the fabric lengthwise with right sides togethermeaning this star print it was not showing so it would have been like thisbut then outside so then what you would have seen ya so what you would have seenis something like this if the right sides together so then i saw along thelength of the fabric and then i got the

ends together i saw those close togetherand i just left enough of an opening so i could turn the fabric right side outso that way it looks like this and my son's not wearing it this way you knowi'm just going to so this closed as neatly as i can and like i said im quitelazy when it comes to solving its i don't trim fabric we measure unlessnecessary i rarely so to begin with and i also dont in fabric like i shouldbut anyway i think i did an ok job it's not perfectly lined up but because it'san infinity scarf it will wrap around the a man's neck couple times and ithought this would be a great way to bust my stash fabric stash so i can makesome of these r the kids that were going

to be visiting for a christmas androbert is coming up because i have a lot of this really stretch fabric is verydurable it's quite fun and there's so many different prints you can get yourlocal fabric store and let's pretend this is closed up this is what it wasjust here twisted once put it around a tallershorter yeah it's that's pretty much it so that's your very very basic andsuper-fast infinity scarf tutorial thanks so much for watching today! bye

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