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Knitting Ideas For Adults

the perfect knitted bow. hi, guys, and welcome to studio knit. today we are going to learn how to knit myfavorite knitted bow. it's a great little embellishment i have tried knitting other bows, but thegarter stitch and stockinette stitches just seemed to wilt. knitting this bow in the seedstitch gives it character and material strength. while finishing my pom pom beanie, i thoughtadding a red bow might be a cute accessory. and it totally is adorable! i first learned how to knit this bow fromthe great pattern by buttons and pickles.

links to the pattern and all additional information,including how-to video knitting tutorials, are linked in the description below. oh, and if you think this easy seed stitchbow looks like a lot of fun to wear, please hit like to let me know you would like tosee more videos like this. so, let us get started. the materials we will use are any yarn ofyour choice. 2 straight knitting needles in the appropriate size for your yarn, scissorsand a tapestry needle. to make this large sized bow, we will firstcast on 15 stitches using the long-tail cast on method. i am using worsted weighted yarnand number seven

knitting needles. since we have cast-on an odd number of stitches,our seed stitch will be super easy. all we do is knit one and purl one. that's k1 p1on every single row for thirty rows. so easy! here we are half way through, having knitfifteen rows. the seed stitch is so pretty and by pinching it in the middle, we can seehow our bow is shaping up! once you have knitted all your rows, it istime to bind off. then, cut your yarn with your scissors andthread your tapestry needle. folding your bow into fourths like so, just tack the middleof your bow, then wrap yarn around it to complete it. you are done! so cute and easy!

looks adorable. you have just learned howto knit a bow in seed stitch. i hope you are inspired to give this quick knit project atry. and thank you so much for watching studioknit. when you subscribe, you will receive a new knitting lesson every monday. checkout my popular video on how to knit a heart and a pom pom hat like beyonce. also, checkout my latest knitting vlog to get to know me, kristen, behind the scenes! bye!

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