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[music] hi. this is june from planetjune and todayi'm going to show you how to start and end your threads when you'reembroidering, or attaching embellishments to an amigurumi. i'm going to demonstrate by making a simplenose like this for a sweet bunny rabbit. so here's my noseless bunny. i'm using a yarn needle here, just to makeit easier for you to see, but you should use the right size of needlefor the thread that you're using. so to begin this nose i'm going to start byinserting the needle

into a gap between stitches some distanceaway from where i actually want the nose to be. and bring the needle up at the starting pointfor the embroidery. now pull it through and leave a long tail;a few inches long. now to begin the embroidery... now i'm just going to complete the embroidery,and i'll be back with you in a minute. so now we've got one more stitch left to go,i'll insert the needle, and i'll bring it out at the same hole betweenstitches where i inserted the starting thread.

so here we have both thread ends coming outfrom the side of the rabbit. if this is just going to be an ornament, youcan leave it like this; just pull them slightly taut and snip offthe ends very close to the body. the ends will retract back inside the bodyafter snipping them, so they won't show. but, if you're stitching on a bead or a button, or it's going to be a toy that'll be playedwith, it's better to have more security, so we'llknot these ends together with a basic square knot. pull the ends taut so that it's flush to thesurface,

but don't pull too tight, because you don'twant to distort the stitches you've made. and here's the completed knot at the surfaceof the rabbit. now, we're going to thread both of these endsback onto the needle, then insert the needle into the same holewhere both ends emerge, and bring it out at some completely differentpoint on the body, as far away as possible. pull that through, and, if you look at whathappens, the knot will disappear inside, so you canbarely see it. so now, where the ends emerge, pull them niceand tight,

snip them off, and the ends retract back insidethe body so you can't see them. now let's have another look at where thatknot was... you can't actually see it, but sometimes it'sstill just visible under the surface, and if it is, what you can do is insert the needlea few stitches away, and wiggle the stuffing around with the tip of the needle. by doingthat you can pull the knot further inside the stuffing so it doesn't show any more. and that's how you can securely attach embellishmentsor embroider features onto your amigurumi.

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