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Knitting Ideas For Babies

i want to make myself a granny square afghanafter this. it's going to take a lot of time but i want to do it! hey everyone! it's shiraand i am so excited to tell you what i'm working on right now. i'm a lefty but, also, i knitrighty. but most recently, i was taught how to crochet righty! and i am very excited aboutthis blanket that i have been working on very, very hard for someone that's very, very, very,very dear to my heart. i wanted to make a granny square blanket. it's always been adream of mine. and i set out on my venture and i decided to use our brand new yarn 24/7cotton. not a dish cloth cotton yarn. like you can use this for garments, for afghans,for all the things. it's not going to stretch. it's really beautiful and it comes in 24 gorgeouscolors. and working with it has been so pleasant!

i really have really enjoyed it. it doesn'tsplit, it doesn't pill, nothing! it's really durable which is also really nice for a garmentor for a blanket. i had some help with picking the colors. in memory of this baby's grandmother,who was a very bright person, i picked some bright colors! and i'm crocheting it all righty.so i'm very excited about it, i'm proud about it. there's no pattern for this but it's abasic granny square. so if you want help on a pattern or kind of to get inspired, youcan click here and hopefully that will inspire you just like it inspired me. don't forgetto follow me on instagram @shiraroars and you will definitely see pictures of my finishedproduct when it goes up and hopefully a picture of me with the little baby that this is goingto. and remember, always send me pictures

of what you're working on. i want to see whatyou're doing and what you're creating with lion brand yarn. bye everybody!

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