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Knitting Ideas For Beginners

the double stockinette knit stitch pattern! hi, guys, i'm kristen and welcome to studio knit! i'm super excited to share this double stockinette stitch pattern with you. now, it has this beautiful, smooth finishand it is nice and stretchy. and guess what? on both sides it is identical, it looks like the stockinette stitch on both sides. and doing this allows our work to lie flat,which the regular stockinette stitch always does curl up. it's also a little bit thicker so it's niceand squishy.

i think this is perfect for scarves! so let's get started! we begin with our beloved slip knot and we are casting on in multiples of two. we are going to begin with knitting one. okay, now we are going to slip the next stitch. we bring our yarn in front and then as ifto purl, we just slip that stitch right off of our needle. we don't do any knitting or any purling, wejust slip it. now we're going to bring the yarn back and we're just repeating.

so we already have figured out this pattern. we are knitting one, okay, now what do we do? we bring the yarn to the front and we're simply slipping that stitch right off of our needle. really doesn't get much easier than this and it is such a cool stitch pattern. we continue to the end of our row. and here we are with the last two stitches. again, we are knitting one, bring that yarnto the front and slip it. that's it! so, let's go ahead and see what it looks like as we begin row two,

we can see the slip and the knit, it looks a little bit differentthere. and we start again. we knit one, we're going to bring that yarnto the front and we are going to slip one. and we just continue those, every single row, it's exactly the same. and just continue knitting until your pieceis the length you desire. i hope you are inspired to knit up this double stockinette knit stitch pattern. please make sure to subscribe to my channel studio knit. you can click my little icon right there onthe screen. i also have some great knit stitch patternsto follow and check me out on pinterest, i

have the link down in the description below. okay, you guys, bye!

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