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Knitting Ideas For Craft Fairs

hi i'm shira and i'm here to talk about vanna'stapestry. this yarn is another wonderful addition to the vanna white signature lines of yarn.just like vanna's choice, it's 100% premium acrylic which means it's so soft, comfortable,and machine washable. it's also a worsted weight yarn which means you'll want to choosethis yarn for so many different types of projects. vanna's tapestry has a great selection ofcolors and they coordinate with vanna's choice really well. see how we took vanna's choiceblack and aqua and took vanna's tapestry caribbean and made this beautiful log cabin afghan.what's different about vanna's tapestry is that it evokes modern color work. the bestpart is it's a self-striping yarn and it's meant to simulate fair isle. so it makes youlook like you've done a lot more than you

really have. but don't worry. i won't tellanyone. it'll be our little secret! this poncho which is knit and called the poncho pulloveris one of my favorite patterns made out of this yarn. who doesn't love a poncho? they'reso flattering and great for three seasons out of the year. you can see eight differentcolors in this garter and rib scarf. the beauty of this yarn is that it's only two balls ofthe color iceland. i'm planning on using vanna's tapestry for an afghan in my home. i'm lookingforward to cozying up under it with my two cats by my side and a nice cup of tea. thanksfor taking the time to learn about vanna's tapestry. be sure to subscribe to our youtubechannel, lionbrandyarn, and you'll be notified every time we add a pattern, tutorial, orintroduction to one of our newest yarns. and

for thousands of free patterns, visit lionbrand.com.see you soon!

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