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Knitting Ideas For Halloween

hi i'm kristy glass and i love dressing upas a witch for halloween. it's so easy! you just throw on all your black clothes, a blackwitch's hat and paint your face green. a little aqua color. but i always get frustrated whenit comes to my hands because i want my hands to look like witch hands but make up on yourhands is not at all practical! i've finally found the answer for my witchy frustrationon lionbrand.com. (cackling) these witchy fingers not only solve all over everythingproblem but they also keep your hands warm when you're out trick or treating or handingout candy at the door. now, my witch prefers purple nail polish but that's no problem becausevanna's choice has every color you could imagine. the yarn is machine washable so you can justthrow it in the wash and use them year after

year after year. it's magic! happy halloween!

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