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Knitting Ideas For Gifts

a handmade headband is a great way to keepyour ears warm without messing up your hair! in this video, i'll give you some great tipsfor knitting your own cozy headband. hi, i'm stefanie japel, a designer and instructoron craftsy dot com. the first thing i'll show you is how to cast on and join to work inthe round. in order to cast on for this headband, you'llneed to use a circular needle. cast on the number of stitches and join towork in the round. you want to make sure that all of the stitchesare facing the same way, so that you don't get a twist in the project.now, knit in k2p2 ribbing, all the way around. this ribbing keeps the edges of the headbandstretchy.

next, you need to change to a larger needleand knit for a few inches. to change to a larger needle, you just pickup the needle you want to use, and start knitting. eventually, all of the stitches will be onthe new needle. now, change back to the smaller needle, andknit in the same rib pattern again. finally, bind off in stitch pattern. thismeans that you knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches, all while bindingoff like normal. once you've finished binding off, you're readyto keep your ears warm and your hair cute. thanks for watching, and don't forget youcan click the "i" in the top-right corner of this video to learn more knitting techniquesor to find the supplies i've been using in

this video.

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