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Knitting Ideas For Christmas

holiday diy gifts and decor fun! hi, guys, and welcome to studio knit! this holiday season, my channel studio knit will be featuring our quick knit favorites, as well as some fun crafty ideas that everyone can make! i am especially excited to introduce my new collection of fanciful knitted elf on the shelf fashions complete with how to videotutorials and free knitting patterns. learn how to make entire outfits, including accessories and even a show-stopping couture gown will make your little elf feel extra special thisyear. together, let's make beautiful, inexpensivechristmas ornaments, holiday feast table settings,

and gifts for those we love! i will also becollaborating this holiday season with some of my favorite diy channels that you'll love,too! so, please subscribe to studio knit todayand receive great holiday gift and decor ideas as we head into the holidays! once you'vesubscribed, make sure to hit that little settings gear and select "send me updates" in the subscriber tab! and thank you so much for watching studio knit. happy holidays and happy knitting! bye!

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