Knitting Ideas For Summer

hi, guys, and welcome to studio knit. it is may 2014 so happy springtime. i hopeeverything is beautiful in wherever you are watching this video from. so, i just saw that i hit my personal goalof one thousand subscribers this morning. i’m so excited. so before i start my day,i decided i would like to create a new video and announce a new giveaway. this time, it is the mother bear project.this is my first creation that i did with the mother bear project. the giveaway is going to be a whole kit thatthey give you. you knit from their yarn, their

needles, their pattern. you can customizeit however you would like. then you give it back to them and they give it to a deservingchild. most of the children who receive mother bearproject bears are from africa and are most of them are orphans. so, it is a really specialcharity. this is something that i learned about wheni went to stitches west a couple of months ago. it is just really special. here is the first bear that i made. this iswith their yarn. this is the second one that i made. she has this cute little skirt. i have a third bear in the works. what i didwas ask my niece deliliah to color a picture

of a teddy bear so that she could be my teddybear fashion designer. she came up with some really cool colors. i am finishing that upright now. when i announce the winner of the mother bear project package, i will revealthat teddy bear then as well. i love the mother bear project. definitelycheck them out. this is also not only as a thank you. it is a giveaway that is perfectfor mothers day, which is coming up shortly. all you have to do to enter is to write below,a comment below. the winner will be announced saturday, may 10, 2014. than you so much for watching. please subscribeand receive a new knitting lesson tutorial every monday. and check out my new boho-chicfriendship bracelet. really fun and cute to

make. and make sure to leave a comment belowto participate in this giveaway, which ends may 10, 2014. bye.