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Knitting Ideas For Him

how to make a rose from a necktie.[you mean everything to me] hi, guys, i’m kristen and welcome to studioknit! father’s day is upon us, and i thought it would be really fun to create a twist onthe traditional necktie gift. let’s recycle old neckties from our dad or our local second–handstore and make them into these gorgeous diy fabric flowers. the materials we will use are neckties inany fabric and your color choice is totally optional, a glue gun, measuring tape, andscissors. oh, if you think this would be a fun diy projectto try, please hit like to let me know you would like to see more projects like this!

to begin, first cut off the label. with thebackside of our tie facing us, we start with the narrow tail end of the tie and measure10 inches. i’m marking it off here with a tapestry needle. we just start rolling itup tightly to create the middle of our rose, dabbing a bit of hot glue as we go along.once we reach our marker of ten inches, it is time to start making our rose petals. simplytwist your tie counter-clockwise and secure with hot glue as you go along. you’ll seethat by twisting our tie, the rose petals are formed creating little points along theway. continue rolling up and securing with glue. nearing the end, i like to make useof the decorative tipping area of our tie, which is usually a different pattern or color,to create our roses’ leaf. simply place

along the backside of our rose, glue it downso it is peeking out, and you are done. [who knew we would come so far] thank you so much for watching studio knit!please subscribe and check out my complete father’s day diy gift idea playlist, includinghow to knit a necktie and coming soon, how to bake bacon roses! happy father’s day,everyone! bye! [you are everything i need]

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