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Knitting Ideas For Dogs

hi, i’m valã©rie and my urban craft is knitting. my grandmother taught me how to knit when i was 7. she taught me the basic and the techniques. after that, my aunt opened the door to the more creative side of knitting. a more original side. en bought me books for knitting for kids. i’ve never stopped knitting since then. i use a very easy knit-stitch, but that’s how i like it. because i want to focus on something else. knitting is, according to me, the way to create something, to make, what i see in my imagination, real. then is the technique less important, but is it more about

how i will make it, the color, the shape, so easier stitches are good enough for me. i always used knitting-needles, until last year. they made the different between knitting as a craft or knitting as a profession, because knitting with needles takes more time. and last year, i got the change to buy a machine secondhand. it’s a machine that knits double jersey. they don’t sell those anymore, so i was luck to find one, in such good condition. i had the idea to make customized products, on demand and i collect everything what i make. it’s like a world, a colorful world,

a fun world, where vegetables are in contact with animals or something more serious, like letters, but where all sort of things live together. i didn’t like to say to other “it’s made by valã©rie” i had a hard time to see myself as a brand. i like being the designer behind “little emma k”. most of my products are for sale in stores. i also sell online and postorder. but i also take personal demands, like when people ask for a personalized object. when i see people opening my packages,

and the first reaction is a smile, i’m so happy. because emotions are so important for me. a smile is just so amazing for me.

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