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Knitting Ideas For Mother'S Day

a knitted lavender heart sachet [l.o.v.e.l.o.v.e.] hi, guys i’m kristen and welcome to studio knit. i love the sweet, naturalsmell of lavender. research shows the scent lowers heart rate and blood pressure, putting you in a relaxed state. what i love about these knitted lavender heart sachets is thatthe yarn is woven tightly enough to keep your loose lavender inside, but it's porous enough to let all the delicious lavender scent release. i became totally inspired by sarah’s threelavender diys of coral tv from our recent kin community new year new you collaboration. i also love tessa evelegh’s book lavender, as well. it's full of practical inspirationsfor natural gifts, recipes and decorative displays. i’m including the link to bothcoral tvs lavender video and tessa evelegh’s

book in the description below. so from sarah's tutorial, i lit my newly created diy lavender candle and set out to create my very own lavender sachet. a knitted version, of course. and this heart shape is totally perfect for valentine’sday and all year round as a gift to anyone you love! especially yourself!the materials we will use are: worsted or aran weighted yarn, in any colors of yourchoice, size 7 or 8 us knitting needles, a tapestry needle, scissors. oh, and lavender.i found my dried lavender at my local craft store. and for this project, i have designeda really simple knitted puffy heart shape. the links to my free pattern and completeknitting video tutorial for my knitted hearts are in the description below. so, once youhave knitted up your two heart shapes, to

make up the front and back of your sachet,simply tack them together using yarn and your tapestry needle with the right side of yourpieces facing together. turn them inside out. and what i love is that all of our littleyarn ends will be able to just stuff right into our sachet for extra stuffing. and thenadd your loose lavender, and then close up your little hold by finishing the seam. it’sso pretty, smells great, relaxing, and full of love. your friends, family, and loved oneswill cherish this thoughtful handmade gift made especially by you! i hope you give thisfun quick knit project a try. and thank you so much for watching studio knit. when yousubscribe, you will receive a new knitting video every monday. make sure to check outall of my favorite valentine’s day projects

and more inspirational ideas from my talentedkin community friends over at coral tv. happy valentine’s day. bye!

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