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Knitting Ideas For Charity

hey! happy project for awesome today, i want to talk about knitting. knitting for tiny premature babies. in norway, we've got the amanda project, named after a little girl who lived most of her short life at a hospital in oslo the story is that her grandmother asked the doctors if there was anything she could do for her granddaughter. and the doctor said she needed clothes. hats, mittens, socks and blankets. all premature babies need warm clothes. and that's how the amanda project began. how it works is that you knit the smallest size you can find.

then you send it to the project and they distribute it to hospitals all over the country. but, ofcourse, norway isn't the only country woth a project like this. in the uk you've got bliss. wich is about the same thing it's about...oi... bliss works with the families of premature babies and sick newborns. they help both the babies and the families get whatever they need. like warm clothes. i think project linus opperates in both the uk and usa, i found an american website. stuff like this is great for people like me, who've got it in my hands, but not in my wallet. it's great doing something for someone by using my hands instead of just moving numbers around.

right now, i'm knitting a blanket. because that's the easiest whilst talking into a camera. a blanket for a premature baby, doesn't have to be biger than a sheet of a3 paper. like this. and this is a pattern for you: the gauge is 13sts for 10cm (or 4inc) for me, that's two strands of sandnesgarn's "smart" on needles 6mm (#10) cast on 40 sts, knit rows untill it measures 42cm (17inc). and cast off, but i thought that was obvious. most of these projects wants 100% wool or alpacca.

with any fibre, you'll wnat to wash your product before sending it away. that way you'll get rid of chemicals and stuff. and don't smoke and knit. that should be my new motto. "don't smoke and knit" sounds good. links to everything i've talked about is in the...thing. thanks for listening. don't forget to be awesome and... don't smoke and knit.

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