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Knitting Ideas For Fall

the berroco fall 2015 collection is fullof beautiful yard from bulky to delicate there's something for everyoneand webs - america's yarn store has it. berroco also has amazing pattern support for all their new yarns and a beautiful new pattern book that celebrates ultraalpaca's 10th anniversary. if you need a colorful yarn for a quick project,berroco gusto is a perfect choice. gusto is a super bulky, wool/ acrylic/viscose blend that knits up at two stitches per inch on a us 15. each100g ball has 70 yds. berroco gusto is a thick and thin, multicolored, super bulky yarn. this yarnknits up so quickly and is absolutely

perfect for accessories. the finished fabric is textured, colorful, and is at its best in garter, stockinette stitch, andsimple open work. gusto comes in colors ranging from bold jewel tones to moremuted neutrals. north star is a bulky weight 92% superfine alpaca/ 8% nylonblend that knits up at 3.75 stitches per inch on a us 10.5. each 50gball has a 109 yds. north star is the ultimate in cozy. it's soft,it's lightweight, and the palette of beautiful neutrals is stunning. this yarn was made for simple linesand classic designs. its chainette construction adds texture without weightand the nylon gives the yarn some extra

strength. stockinette stitch, garterstitch, and simple stitch patterns allow the yarn to shine. berroco artisan is aworsted weight 80% merino wool/ 20% silk blend that knits up at 5 sts perinch on a us 7 needle. each 50g hank has 123 yards. berroco artisan is a beautiful silk wool blend that is dip dyed producing newyarn that has subtle shifts in tone. like its name implies, artisan is a verydistinct yarn with a luxurious look and feel. with its well-defined twist andtonal shifts in color, artisan is perfect for both cables and open work. berroco briza is a worsted weight 51% mohair/ 43% nylon/ 6% wool blend thatknits up at 5 sts per inch on a us size 7

needle each 40g ball has 219 yards.berroco briza is a mohair blend that is practically weightless. its delicate chainette construction allows the mohair to shine, creating a beautiful halo in the finishedfabric. even though the finished fabric is light, it still provides warmth. briza creates an interesting finished fabric in all stitch patterns. berroco colora is a dkweight 70% wool 30% acrylic blend that knits up at 5.25 stitches per inch on a us size 6 needle. each 50g ball has 153 yards. berroco colora is a subtly multi colored yarn. the palette is muted and it's perfectly suited for casual accessories and sportysweaters. the dk weight is versatile for

three-season garments and the finishedfabric is soft and easy to care for, it's machine washable. colora is versatileand the finished fabric looks great in any stitch pattern. to find all of berroco'snew yarns and patterns for fall 2015 visit our website @ yarn.com.

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