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Knitting Ideas For Newborns

how to knit a strawberry baby hat part 4. hi, guys, i’m kristen and welcome to studioknit! it’s day four of five learning to knit upthese super cute strawberry baby hats! today are going to decrease the crown of oursuper cute strawberry hat. if you haven’t already, please make sureto check out parts one two and three to learn how to knit up to this point. links to thecomplete playlist for all five of my lessons are in the description below. these decreases are so totally simple andmake this really cool swirly indented strawberry topper look that i just adore!

so, for the first row, we will switch to ourdouble pointed needles. and remember on this row, we are still knitting in multiples ofeight. the first two stitches are knit two together. and stitches three through eightare simply knitting, and we repeat that pattern all the way around our row. we're going todivide our stitches on each of our three needles in the round. since i cast on 6 multiplesof 8, i'm going to have 2 multiples on each needle. once i’m finished with this firstdecrease row, that means i have multiples of seven, so i have 14 stitches on each ofmy three needles. with our second row, we are knitting in multiplesof seven, and again we knit two together, then stitches three through seven are knitted,repeating the pattern until the end our row.

we continue decreasing our rows in all theway down until we have knit the last two together. because i cast on 48 stitches, which is 6multiples of 8, i have six stitches remaining. i love the dimensional look of the strawberryhat topper. there are these great ridges and depth. looks like it was way more complicatedto knit than it is! always a plus. now we are ready to begin finishing up withour cute little stem, put on a leaf embellishment, and weaving in our yarn ends, and we are goingto learn how to do all of that in part five of my series. i hope you are inspired to knit up these adorablestrawberry baby hats. to learn how to knit these from start to finish, including a writtenpattern and tutorials on all the knitting

techniques we're using, please go check outthe links and my complete playlist in the description below. and thank you so much for watching studioknit. if you enjoyed this video and would like to see more, please make sure to subscribe,like, and share my videos with your friends!!! oh, and i sell my hand-knitted strawberryhats in my etsy store, too, so check those out! see you in part five. bye!

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